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“New York’s finest”. This policeman needs to be prosecuted.

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Already fleeing in tears, the Officer sprays again…

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If there is a “political message” behind the riots in the UK it is being lost.

August 9, 2011 1 comment

It started as a vigil for Mark Duggan, a man shot, perhaps in cold blood by the Police. It was a peaceful prayer led vigil. Anger behind the secrecy justifiably turned to protest, that escalated to a riot in Tottenham, a borough of intense contrast between the haves of the nearby City and the have nots.

What has followed has been nothing more than copy-cat looting. It is indeed mindless violence. Few out smashing and burning will have heard of Mark Duggan. At best they are not fighting a “class war”, at worse they are doing everything to undermine any gains made the poor in the UK.

It is not sticking it to the man to burn poor people out of their own home.
It is not sticking it to the man to kill businesses in unemployment blackspots of London.
It is not sticking it to the man for riotous thugs to storm Birmingham for gay bashing.

It most certainly does not help the family of Mark Duggan. It does not help deal with police racism or police intolerance and in fact it drives people right back to full unquestioning support of the police. It does not help the children being drawn into this who now face being charged with aggravated burglary.

Who does it help? The far right who will exploit this in every way they can.

Now Tea Party Republicans want to kill women who have a miscarriage.

February 25, 2011 2 comments

Dick Head Tea Party Terrorist

The political wing of the Tea Party Terrorists is yet again turning its attention to the right of women to choose. Supposedly against big government, they can not help themselves wanting their bath tub government to expand in to the private lives of individuals.

Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin has proposed a bill that would treat abortion as murder and if a woman miscarries, while not in the presence of a Doctor, she would be investigated for murder at one of her most harrowing times in her life.

A woman would have to prove that if she had taken a sleeping pill or if she had consumed a glass of wine that neither of those things caused her to have the miscarriage. If drinking a glass of wine caused a miscarriage she would face the death penalty.

So a foetus must be saved at all cost, a distraught would have been mother, well her life is worthless.

The reaction of other Tea Party Republicans to this is to attack Franklin, not for the bill itself but for the timing. They agree with him but they want these things left until after the Presidential election.

I wonder why.

More at Mother Jones

The Human Rights Act: “Safe in Our Hands?”

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Now this is good news. Ken Clarke, the Justice Minister has confirmed that the UK will not be leaving he European Convention on Human Rights, which means that in any review of the Human Rights Act the ECHR will have to be a cornerstone of any Bill of Rights legislation proposed by the coalition.

In a reply to David Ruffley on the votes for prisoners issue, a poison chalice left by the last Labour Governent Clarke told the House of Commons

The coalition Government do not intend to withdraw from the European convention on human rights, which was imposed by the victorious British on the rest of Europe after the war in order to establish British values across the countries that were recovering from fascism and was drafted largely by Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, who put what he thought were the best principles of British justice into it.

The pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act and to replace it with a “Bill of Rights” was nothing more than Cameron pandering to the Daily Mail. The British Government is a signatory on the ECHR and therefore if cases were not handled by UK Courts they would be handled by Strasbourg (as they were before the passing of the Human Rights Act). The Conservatives, despite their claim for supporting the “Sovereignty of the United Kingdom” would have by dancing to the tune of the Daily Mail surrendered the sovereignty of the British Judiciary to Strasbourg.

The reaction of activists from the Conservative side of the coalition (if the blogosphere is actually representative of opinion) is predictable. The reaction on the left has been wrong (if the UK left blogistan is represented by Sunny Hundal). The coalition committed itself to reviewing the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a Bill of Rights. The fact that it will be built on the ECHR is a victory for common sense. The civil liberties agenda of the coalition does not make the cuts in public services any better but if implemented it will make the UK a freer, (if less fair) place to live. It also serves as a reminder why Neo-Con Labour had to leave the body-politic forever. It is telling quite telling that Ed Milliband recognises that as well.

Visit the USA and get a free grope.

November 18, 2010 2 comments

If you visit the USA someone will either take very poor, digitised naked images of you and your family or you can opt for heavy petting an enhanced pat-down. For some, it may be their only hope of contact with another human. What is better, you don’t even need to fly first class to get your free grope.

The free grope is fine for adults but it is quite wrong for adults to be groping children.

Of course neither the free grope or the cancer causing naked picture do anything but provide an illusion of security. It is pure kabuki theatre to convince people that the Airport Authorities are doing something. TV and newspapers scream terror and then politicians react. The public get nudie pics taken of them or physical abuse. The ACLU is taking up the issue and they want reports from members of the public.

There is a Boycott Day on November 24, which suggests that everyone flying on 24 November demands their right to a free grope.

Airports really need a better solution. The Airline companies think it is stupid. Some airports are running out of space to fit all the stupid machines.

Profiling is not the solution. Unless you want to separate the religious from the non religious. Most planes are not hijacked by scary Muslims, they are in the main hijacked by scary Christians.It is not the religion that unites these people, it is their level of crazy.

What works is intelligence. Airports need to liaise better with the Security Services. Sharing of information between intelligence authorities works. The nudie body scans did not stop the printer bombs. The Intelligence Services did. If you are going to build a bomb you are going to trigger some alarm bells. Airport authorities should invest more in intelligence services and not new gadgets. Ask any home buyer of gadgets, as soon as you buy one a newer better one will be out within weeks, making your new toy obsolete.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s release marks a great FIRST step for Burma

November 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Free Burma

Aung San Suu Kyi, Leader of the Pro-Democracy movement in Burma and winner of the last true democratic ballot in Burma has been released. She had been held under house arrest for the last 15 years. As Leader of the Pro-Democracy movement was one of the most iconic of the 2,203 Political Prisoners held by Burmese authorities. When she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize she became our generations model for peaceful resistance.

Few expected her release because the Military backed Government had imposed numerous conditions to her release which she refused to comply with.

While she is no longer under house-arrest, she and her fellow Country are still imprisoned because the people of Burma are not yet free.

This is a great first step for democracy in Burma. It is however only a first step. Will she be allowed to campaign? Will she be given freedom of movement?

Will the Movement for Freedom and Democracy be allowed to exist?

Last Sunday’s elections in Burma were not free or fair. She therefore remains the last legitimately elected Leader of Burma. Her current freedom represents a real challenge to the validity of those elections. Something that the government of Burma is well aware of. She has also been released before and has been returned to house arrest before.

Time will tell if this is a real move towards democracy or if it is a way of Burma hiding the fraud of the last election. Burma is still not free but the release of Aung San Suu Kyi can only help those who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

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Meet Nick Clegg – the man who makes bad things “progressive”.

November 11, 2010 2 comments



Cameron and Clegg – an abusive partnership?

I was a semi-supporter of the coalition, although I voted for no-one in the General Election. I looked forward to the end of the database state and the bureaucracy. I was very happy to see New Labour go but I was not happy with the other choices available to me. Nothing has convinced me about the wisdom of my non-choice at the election and not one Party has since convinced me that they are worthy of my vote.

I kind of wanted to believe that the Liberal Democrats were a bit more of a Party than their image of being Labour without the War. I also kind of wanted to believe that the Conservative Party was no longer the nasty party.

The problem with this coalition is that we will never know what the true identities of the two Parties are. What we have now is a Conservative Government able to operate further to the right than it would have on its own due to their Liberal Democrat enablers.

As a direct result of this coalition, Osborne can be as far-right as he wants, without any consideration of consequence. It is after all not the Conservative Party losing popularity. Everything proposed by Osborne is given an orange glow of approval by the ever so compliant and complicit Clegg.

This morning Nick Clegg was explaining why it is fair to stop the benefits of those who refuse to take up jobs for the fair and progressive period of 3 years.

A few days ago we had Nick Clegg explaining why a tripling of student tuition fees was extremely progressive and fairer than say a graduate tax.

Last week Nick Clegg explained why massive cuts to Housing Benefit that effect over 95% of those claiming were fair and progressive.

If George Osborne appeared on television tomorrow eating and killing the second child of all families, Nick Clegg would be on breakfast tv explaining why such a move is progressive and “fair”. After all such an action would help poor families save on childcare.

As the coalition haemorrhages  popularity, it is not the Conservatives losing ground it is the Liberal Democrats.

According to the latest polls, the Liberal Democrats now command only 9% support. Well they hold around 9% of the seats in Parliament and they have always been supporters of proportional representation, so now they have it, by default.

Everyone knows that the Liberal Democrats are the junior partner. They are  still however supposed to be a partner. Partners in a relationship can say no. If  junior can not say no, he is not a partner, he is being abused.