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In reply to Dan Riehl: The Liars World View

It should not have come as a surprise (indeed it doesn’t) that the wing-nut blogosphere has found their justification for the #Romneyshambles. Pile more hate on the Brits.

Romney supporter and supreme wing-nut goes out of his way to insult the British. Insulting the Brits of course was one of their daily made up beefs against President Obama. Now that does not matter. The Brits are the new enemy.

Little Green Footballs has it covered.

Riehl is an odious thug who celebrated that his brother “died alone, probably of aids for all I know and probably in a San Francisco flop house living on the government’s dime”. He is everything that is wrong about the Republican Party of today.

He wrote:

Get over it, Britain. You’re a second rate, semi-degenerate nation still on the way down because you went too far to the left too long ago for anyone to care about. Don’t expect us to wring our hands over what you losers did. We’re too busy fighting to make sure it doesn’t happen here.

For the last 30 years, including during the Blair years, Britain did precisely what the right in America loved. From deregulation of the banks, ignoring and encouraging tax loopholes for the wealthy, to fighting illegal wars, Britain stood shoulder to shoulder with America. It is precisely because Britain did this the banks went bust in London as well.

Britain has a coalition government doing exactly what Romney promises. Slashing spending at every opportunity because of “deficit reduction”. What has that done to the UK economy? Well it hasn’t been good.

Romney says he wants the same. He claims he wants to cut the deficit. Although even that is a lie. They GOP have wound up their “Tea Party” supporters to care about the deficit but the GOP doesn’t. Romney’s tax cuts for the very richest and his corporate give-aways will send the US economy into deeper deficits for the next 30 years at least. That’s only if growth levels never achieved occur. In reality, under their plan deficits will never disappear but they do not care. Deficits only matter when the President has a D beside his name.

Day one of a Romney Presidency is the day when deficits stop mattering and FreedomWorks stops funding the idiotic Tea Party.

The idiot continues

I really give a flip about what David Cameron thinks. yawn … just be glad we continue to allow you to think you’re actually in the game on most things. Now, get out of our face and try to not screw up the Olympics more than you have already.

Mostly a bunch of feckless wankers if you ask me. Put a Gold Medal on that and aim it at the Queen’s arse.

What the hell does he think Mitt Romney was in London for? To see his horse dancing?

It wasn’t for Mitt to get this photo trending across the net in America?

Mitt supposedly wanted to restore the “Anglo-Saxon” heritage. Even the right-wing of the UK were shocked by that dog whistle.

He was seeing a Conservative Prime Minister. He was being interviewed by the right of centre Daily Telegraph (source of so many wing-nut stories in the USA). He was visiting a friendly.

Mitt’s tour of the UK should not have gone wrong for him. Mitt bombed. To steel a tweet, “Not since WWII has London seen a bombing as thorough as Mitt Romney’s.”

So for that the right will insult Britain, although they will continue to call it England and then expect the UK to stand by them in new wars of choice.

They need to twist their own world view to support their candidate. A candidate they hate and distrust but will spend hundreds of $millions to convince the rest of America to love.

The twist is complete. Every so called principle that the GOP has ever claimed to care about is torn up just so they can vote out the black guy.

The GOP is nothing but a lie, led by a liar for liars.

The Party that complains about “elitists” running America has proposed a candidate who hasn’t worked for 9 years because he was rich enough to spend all of that time running for office and losing.

The party that has spent the last 4 years arguing about “natural born” now puts forward a candidate whose father is listed as Mexican.

What passes for Conservative ideology in the US is nothing but corporate theft and a race to the bottom. For all the $billions invested in to so called Conservative “Think Tanks”, there is no thought there. Just lies. Pure lies built on fear and hate.

Foreign Affairs. Simple, just hate foreigners. Even ones you pretended to care about. Bomb everyone else.
Their Middle East policy was supposedly about “spreading democracy”. Now they claim that the spread of democracy in the Middle East is “spreading jihad”.
Terrorism. They now claim killing the head of Al-Queda was nothing.
Pro life. Well who cared if Mitt profited from abortion? Anyway the so called “Christian” right will just lie the problem away for him.
Economic Policy. Literally nothing but tax cuts, a policy built literally on the back of an envelope. This of course was just a lie for corporate give-aways, claiming continuous tax cuts are the cure all for inflation, deflation, boom, depression, cancer and the common cold. They love em, except when proposed by the President or when they hike taxes on the poor.
Healthcare, their policy created to defeat “Hillarycare” is now socialism.

As for this insult to the Queen:

Put a Gold Medal on that and aim it at the Queen’s arse

the right should go back to worshipping as a God, the rotten corpse of Ronald Wilson Reagan. The worst ever President. A criminal, tax hiking, deficit busting, job killer. Long may he rot in hell.

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  1. fred smith
    September 17, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Are you off your meds .You need to learn how to drink TEA, BABY.And clean up your potty mouth.

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