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For Jamey

September 26, 2011 1 comment

The latest victim of homophobic bullying was buried today. Lady Gaga paid him a moving and heartfelt tribute. She dedicated an updated version of her song, which itself is a tribute to self-expression “Hair” to Jamey.

Jamey Rodemeyer was only 14. He committed suicide last weekend after being bullied at his school in Buffalo, New york.

She said Jamey was “not a victim but a lesson to all of us.”

Homophobic bullying MUST STOP.


“New York’s finest”. This policeman needs to be prosecuted.

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Already fleeing in tears, the Officer sprays again…

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Republicans boo soldier serving in Iraq and Frothy Mix calls for reinstatement of DADT

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Rick Santorum, continues to show that he is nothing but a frothy mix of Theocrat and lunatic calls the abolition of DADT a “social experiment”. He states that gays and lesbians serving in the military are getting special treatment.

I have no idea why all of the Republican field were not given that question. Each and every one should have been given their opportunity to side with bigotry or with gay men and women serving their Country. I know where they would have stood.

We are Troy Davis

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I watched Democracy Now in shock at what was happening in the State of Georgia in 2011.

I admired the dignity and grace of the Davis family who believed in American justice and who believed it would all become right.

I watched the dozens of police cars turn up when it started to become known SC Judge Thomas had the papers. I kind of knew what was going to happen. I just did not believe it.

For even the strongest defender of the death penalty will say, it should not apply when there is doubt. There was just too much doubt.

The United States of America has been responsible for thousands of deaths. One man should not make a difference. Except it does. The murder of Troy Davis by the State of Georgia is a wake up call to any who continue to support the death penalty. It is not just a question of mistakes being made. Whenever there is a murder, wherever you are in the World,there is an outrage and as a result a desire to “get who did it” and quick.

That desire to feed the press means innocent people get caught up.

Once they become the accused that accusation is difficult, if not impossible to disprove. Especially when you are faced with the whole apparatus of the State against you.

If the State murders in response to murder there is no way back for the “culprit” if later found innocent or for the original victim. Neither get a “do over”. There is no re-try button to press. There is no x box controller to pick up and try again.

I just hope that the screaming yahoos that cheered Perry now understand this. Perhaps we will see this tonight. People around the World did and watched many Americans sink in to a state of murderous depravity. We can follow them and cheer more death. Or we can learn from this. We can adopt the dignity of the Davis family and see that the death sentence is wrong.

It is nothing but judicial murder. Eye for an eye where everyone ends up blind.

We can all be Troy Davis.

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Hey Megan Fox – take your “slave” article and shove it.

September 21, 2011 4 comments

Wow, splodey heads, other Presidents had someone to carry their umbrella including the Sainted senile one.

President Ronald Reagan had an umbrella carrier. He also had another one for the person who carried his decrepit brain around, when she was not holding a séance in the White House.

Or perhaps the umbrellas were to hide his wife from him

After all there are more than enough stories about the real interests of Reagan and his financial backers.

The Reagan administration had a big problem with childcare issues.

You know the type.The ones that like to use puppies for gain.

Children and war got Nancy excited.

I will gladly take the record of this President and ANY other Democratic President and compare them to the senile, half dead hero that they make Reagan up to be. Small government my big fat arse. The very start of the cancer that turned the United States of America into a debtor Nation.

Strong on “security”? Really, the man who funded the Contras in Nicaragua paid for by selling crack cocaine into the streets of America. Essentially funding and establishing Al Queda. The man who forced ordinary Americans back into poverty to line the pockets of the very richest.

Screw him and his new cronies.

I’m glad he’s like this

So go on suck on this

obama - large

Oh, sorry you can’t so go find this guys

Let them eat dirt

PS Megan, I hope you are angry now.

The right to fucking life

September 13, 2011 3 comments

Republicants screamed YES when asked should an uninsured man die.

They cheered the fact that people in the richest economy in the World die because of lack of insurance, they called that “freedom”.

They cheered the fact that Perry “legally” murdered nearly 250 people including children and a man innocent of any crime.

Republicants put the military and billionaire tax cuts ahead of feeding the poor.

They talk of getting government out of the lives of people but each and every single one of those Presidential Candidates would legislate what a woman does with HER body because while in the womb life is all important, except of course if it is some sort of “terrorist anchor baby”.

This is the modern GOP. “Anti Terrorist” investigations by a man who helped fund terrorism in the UK. Right to life only while in the womb. Never speak out against them for they will try to silence you.

If you watched the GOP debate and did not feel sick to your stomach you are NOT human and you most certainly are NOT a Christian.

A message to the GOP about Mr. Hoffa

September 7, 2011 4 comments

Firstly, something that musically hits just the right note.

When a Republican gets shot and a Democratic candidate claims to be the victim then we can speak.

When Democratic supporters storm Town Halls with threats of violence then we can talk.

When Democratic supporters bring guns to Town Halls then we can talk.

When Democratic candidates call for “second amendment solutions” then we can talk.

When a Democratic Presidential candidates call for people to be “armed and dangerous” on ANY issue then we can talk.

Meanwhile why don’t you now go away and go back to discussing your corporate talking points. After all, you missed a whole day not talking about tax cuts for the richest. Your hypocrisy is on Youtube