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Brighton Pride 2011

Celebrities and political activists in attendance included Alexandra Burke, Joe McElderry, Sonia, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. The stars however were the 100,000 people who filled the streets of this small but vibrant City in the County of Sussex.

Clickable pics below the fold.

British Airways, were one of many corporate sponsors for Pride, also with a large presence at Pride were American Express and the Tesco supermarket chain.

The Labour Party were out and proud, as were a couple of LGBTories, but surprisingly I did not see anything from the Liberal Democrats.

All politics is local, including international politics. Here Peter Tatchell is protesting the imprisonment of Bradley Manning.

The literally heartless, undead former Vice President, Dick Cheney even made an appearence.

These guys were stunning and yes that is a straight guy who even wanted a kiss.

Brighton has certainly got its act together compared to Birmingham’s more subdued affair. Pride is also getting a lot more commercial, for the first time ever there was a £12 charge for Pride in the Park, which resulted in the town remaining crammed packed with alternative after parties. The weather was fantatstic, it started off looking grey and cloudy and then the sun decided to join in the festivities. Two surprisingly hot days of sun lit up Pride, causing the shops to run out sun tan lotion.

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