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Here’s Kevin

The nuttiest of America’s nutty right wing bloggers is back.

I’m reading nothing into his returning after one of the far right’s biggest call to arms ever, that one of his ilk committed one of the worst examples of right wing terrorism in Oslo since World War 2 is of course co-incidence. Kevin who has never encouraged the burning down of a political party, throwing pork fat over Mosques, or the threatening of the donors to a political party or the actual hunting down of other bloggers would never do anything like that. He’s not crazy. He would never do such a thing as insult a War Widow for not doing enough for her Country. Of course Kevin’s readers are not crazy either and would never threaten the life of a completely unrelated college professor. He would never suggest a Knight’s Templar movement.

Kevin, who is not a right wing terrorist or a fraud would never bilk his readers for money. He’d never make up threats.

After all, he never before disappeared for months, returning to bilk his readership for money on the back of a sob story. Kevin, who is not a right wing terrorist and fraud would never ever try and repeat a similar trick again.

He would never set up an expensive hosting contract and leave his most devoted readers with the bill.

The Hillbuzz leaders would never of course refer to those being bilked as a “special kind of stupid” would they?

Dujan is a sick twisted fuck. He’s bilked far too many people far too often. Now he is supposedly ill as well. I hope he has good insurance. Oh I forgot, he doesn’t believe in it.

If any Hillbuzz reader is stupid enough to fall for his sob story again, I have an pro Tea-Party bridge to sell you. If they still want to be involved with this freak after Oslo, then I have a padded room to offer you.

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  1. hypocritebasher
    July 26, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    You better put you tin foil hat back on, your thoughts are being read.

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