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Tea Party Terrorists storm the offices of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Leaving drool marks across DC, mouth breathing teabaggers funded by the Koch brothers freedom works campaign stormed the offices of the NRSC to demand the head of Senator Orrin Hatch.

Although no Primary candidate exists, the rent a mob from freedom works demanded that the NRSC keep out of the Utah Primaries, despite having an elected representative, one who has served seven terms.

Hatch who can hardly be described as moderate is opposed by the Tea Party because he can speak in words of more than one syllable. On every major issue, Hatch is a right-winger. However he has had 7 terms in office and to the Koch brothers that meanshe is no longer sufficiently malleable.

The Koch brothers found 60 useful idiots to storm the offices of the NRSC holding signs like “Down with Hatch” and “People choose, not the party.”

An NRSC official told the teabaggers to take their howling outside. Some drooling teabaggers got their tongues stuck on the doormat.

Two Utah residents whose tongues did not drag completely were allowed to meet with Rob Jesmer, the executive director of the NRSC.

According to reports from the Daily Caller, tongue dragger Jacqueline Smith who met with Jesmer demanded that he speaks to Sen. Cornyn to “ask if they would consider changing the rules that would make it so they would only support the Republicans after the primary. Jesmer reportedly said ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen,”

Her tongue would have dropped to the floor at the bluntness of the response but it was pretty much on the floor already.

FreedomWorks is a 501c non-profit, that runs formal boot camps. For their more literate followers they have a required reading list of Saul Alinsky, Frédéric Bastiat and Ayn Rand.

According to Republicans campaigning politically as a non profit should be banned*.

(*This suggestion they may only apply to liberal groups)

  1. June 28, 2011 at 1:10 am

    Its only going to get worse, with these crazy Koch Bros., funding idiots.

    The Koch Bros., whose father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society, and the shit they tried to pull off in the 60s didn’t work. So now their trying to do their best, in wanting to have everything their way, and nobody else. They can be stopped if the American people stopped watching Fox News, and go outside and smell the roses, and speak up, and do it loudly.

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