Tim Pawlenty releases his campaign video

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spot the difference between campaign videos for Republican Primary candidates.

Tim Pawlenty released his campaign video in a celebration of all that is black and white.

Sorry wrong video, that one may have been more honest about Republican plans for the US economy. I think this is the proper one but it is hard to tell the difference as all they seem to have added is music, balloons and an attack on those music and balloons.

So yet another Republican is promising a land of milk and honey, provided that enough ordinary people slash their benefits to give tax cuts to billionaires. Pawlenty is calling Republican voters stupid and he hopes to bilk them for money.

His campaign has about as much chance of happening as the “rapture” that was also promised to GOP fundies.

His qualification for GOP Presidential candidate, he isn’t the idiot that named their sons after an athletic event, Track Enfield, or the disability Trisomy G.

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