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Where’s Breitbart now? 9 Top Republicans sentenced to 150 years for vote fraud.

The BRAD BLOG has reported on the Clay County election rigging conspiracy since the nine defendants — seven of them were the county’s top-ranking election officials, the other two a married business couple who made millions in contracts based on the outcome of the stolen elections — were rounded up and arrested in 2009 for what federal officials described as the tail end of “decades” of manipulated elections there.

In addition to buying and selling votes and falsifying election results reports in primary and general elections in 2002, 2004 and 2006, the conspirators were also found to have changed the votes of voters after they were cast on electronic ES&S iVotronic touch-screen voting machines once voters had thought they had finished voting.

Following one of the officials, Republican election judge Paul Bishop, changing his plea to guilty and cooperating with prosecutors shortly after the arrests, the other eight were charged in a federal racketeering conspiracy and found guilty in March of last year. This past March they were all finally sentenced to a total of 1,871 months — 156 years — in federal prison. (We were neck deep in Fukushima coverage at the time of their separate sentencing throughout March and hadn’t gotten the chance to report on it until now.)


Why is Breibart not interested in this?

Could it be that they are not black, actually did commit vote fraud and are Rethugs? Racist POS.

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