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McDonalds fires the man who filmed the assault on transgendered woman

The police report has been released in the case of the womanwho was beaten in McDonald’s, although redacted. And the victim was identified as female in it. The Smoking Gun identifies her as Chrissy Lee Polis The police report says that the fight started as a “verbal argument” in the women’s bathroom, and also says that the older woman who appears later in the video was punched in the face but did not seek medical attention.

The perpetrators were 14 and 18. The 14-year-old will be charged as a juvenile, while charges have not yet been filed against the 18-year-old as the state attorney’s office reviews the case.

The guy who took the video and posted it on YouTube discussed it on Twitter (although his account appears to have been deleted):

charm-twitter-1.jpgOn Facebook (account also deleted), he repeats again that the fight started because the victim was transgender:

fbmessages1.jpgMcDonald’s says that he’s been fired and that “appropriate action” has been taken regarding the other employees:

fired.pngappropriate-action.pngTheir original statement, from yesterday, called the situation “reprehensible.” Today, they say there’s no room for violence in their restaurants:


room-violence.pngFrom Bilirico.com

This is a disgraceful homophobic attack and makes it even worse is this is being used by racists to stir up even more hate. Hate is the issue here. We do not need more hate, bigotry needs to be stamped out and rejected.

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