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So much for personal responsibility. Tea Partiers demand taxpayers pay for their parking.

Another day, more Rethug hypocrisy

Tea Party Terrorists who attack the poor for their handouts want a handout of their own. They want taxpayers to foot the bill for their hatefest in Indianapolis, one of the poorest States in America.

Normally parking fee waivers are given to non-profit groups such as the blood transfusion service. Their “for profit” march hardly fits.

The IBJ reports

The Indianapolis Tea Party has asked the city to waive the parking bill for its April 15 “Tax Day Rally” at the Indiana Statehouse. Members of the group parked in metered spaces closed off to public parking by “emergency order” of the Indianapolis Police Department.

Without a waiver from the Board of Public Works, the group would have to pay $450, or $15 per meter per day for the 30 meters it reserved along Washington Street, said DPW spokeswoman Molly Deuberry.


Union groups that rallied at the Statehouse in March did not request or receive a meter waiver.

Deuberry said the Tea Party event is the first time in memory a politically minded group characterized as a nonprofit has applied for a parking meter waiver. She noted groups typically request bagged meters so they can use the public space for an event, not to provide protected parking for their members, although both uses are allowed.

A Tea Party Terrorist spokesman was going to make a comment but she quit half way through.

  1. hypocritebasher
    April 27, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    No, this is hypocrisy.

    Liberals pretend to be for women’s rights, but when a woman is called a “dumb twat”, there is absolute silence from the so called pro-women rights liberals.

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