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Why do Republicants want a 25% cut in education spending?

They want more:

  1. edu wonk
    April 18, 2011 at 2:25 am

    Umm…. could it be because some faculty, such as PA State union members, retired with 100% pay for the rest of their lives plus an extremely luxurious (and for them cheap) health insurance package?

    Of course, I think the repubs should go after those insane and unsustainable retirement packages, not educational spending per se.

    • HippieMommy
      April 19, 2011 at 1:20 am

      What is it with you repuklicans who believe every single greasy talking point uttered by Captain Oxycontin or the gang of sleazebags over at Fox?

      Union members pay in to their retirement. They PAID into it. But because they are UNION somehow they are evil for taking it?

      You know what is EVIL? Congresscritters who serve *two* terms and collect a pension they neither worked long enough for or deserve. Congresscritters who have a choice of health insurance plans – and rules in place so that THEY don’t have to pay exhorbitant prices for it — ever hear THAT reported on the Fox propaganda network?

      Here’s a novelty — why don’t you go after the Congress people who de-regulated Wall Street, the Congress people who put into place huge subsidies for wealthy people with big mansions and big properties — all they need do is buy a goat or two. How about going after farm subsidies that go to Millionaires who are farmers on paper only? Michelle Bachmann is one.

      Try doing some research. REAL research — not sucking on the Teat of Roger Ailes…

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