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Tea Party Terrorists burned a church because Obama was elected.

Supposedly not racists

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WAMC) – Three white men now stand convicted of a racially motivated arson fire in Western Massachusetts. Authorities say a predominately black church in Springfield was destroyed out of anger after the election of President Barack Obama.. WAMC’S Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports .

26 year old Michael Jacques of Springfield surrendered to US Marshalls Friday to be detained until sentencing He showed up at noon at the federal court house in Springfield still declaring his innocence and denying he is a racist
But a jury that was presented evidence during a 21 day trial concluded Jacques and his two co-conspirators agreed to burn down and did burn down the Macedonia Church of God in Christs’ newly constructed building within hours of the November 2008 election of Barack Obama as the country’s first African-American President.. There was testimony that they had used racial slurs in the past, and had voiced alarm about the prospect of a black man becoming president.
Minutes before he would be taken into custody, a day after the jury’s verdict, reporters asked Jacques if he felt any remorse


I fully expect Republicants to defend these pond life, just as they do almost every day.

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