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EVERY Republican who voted for their budget in the House voted to increase borrowing.

April 30, 2011 2 comments

Each and every single Republican who voted for their budget voted for a plan that will run budget deficits for the next 30 years. That means they committed themselves to annual increases in the debt limit for the next 30 years.

All that debt they want the US Government to get into will be used to fund the lowest top rate tax of any major Industrial Nation (I would say any nation but their Ayn Rand dream of Somalia is out there).

So for Republicans to say they are against raising the debt limit are they really expecting people to be that stupid?

Sarah Plain was dragged out by Fox from the broom cupboard they are now hiding her in to come up with some unintelligible word salad for Teabaggers such as Allen West to get in line behind

Hells no, I would not vote to increase that debt ceiling. Otherwise it just shows the American people we’re not serious yet. We’re still going to incur more debt. No and we don’t have to increase the debt ceiling in the next few weeks. It turns my stomach to hear this assumption articulated that “well we have to” despite the fact we’re raking in, the federal government, six billion a day. Take that money and service our debt first and pay down some of that debt. Make sure that we’re showing the international financial markets and our lenders that we’re serious about getting our debt and our deficit problems under control.

I would say before you think about seriously voting to increase the debt limit and incur more unsustainable, immoral, unethical debt that is really going to ruin our country to continue down this path, prioritize. Service the debt first. Pay for the very essential services that are constitutionally mandated. Let the states take care of a whole lot of these services and projects and if a state wants to do something a little bit special like some extra roads, or extra museums and monuments and cowboy poetry, let that state figure out how they’re going to pay for it.

Republicans, beyond stupid.


Herbal medicines banned in Europe from today.

April 30, 2011 2 comments

New EU rules come in to force from today banning hundreds of herbal remedies from being sold.

The EU law is designed to protect consumers from the harmful effects of over the counter herbal medicines, which have often never been tested scientifically.

The EU regulations allow only long established and quality controlled medicines to be sold.

To comply with the new law traditional herbal medicinal products must be licensed or prescribed by a registered herbal practitioner. The directive was passed in 2004 in response to rising concern over adverse effects caused by herbal medicines, it is only coming in to law today.

Herbal practitioners say it is impossible for most herbal medicines to meet the licensing requirements for safety and quality, which are intended to be similar to those for pharmaceutical drugs, because of the cost of testing.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), which represents herbal practitioners, not a single product used in traditional Chinese medicine or ayurvedic medicine has been licensed. In Europe, around 200 products from 27 plant species have been licensed but there are 300 plant species in use in the UK alone.

The ANH estimates the cost of obtaining a licence at between £80,000 and £120,000 per herb. They say this is affordable for single herbal products with big markets, such as echinacea, a remedy for colds and flu, but will drive small producers of medicines containing multiple herbs out of business.

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Romney goes for Tea Party Terrorists by discussing hanging Obama

Updated at 2:40 AM

Romney said: “You remember during the Ronald Reagan/Jimmy Carter debates? That Ronald Reagan came up with this great thing about the ‘misery index,’ and that he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck, and that had a lot to do with Jimmy Carter losing. Well, we’re going to have to hang the ‘Obama Misery Index’ around his neck. And, I’ll tell you, the fact that you’ve got people in this country, really squeezed, with gasoline getting so expensive, with commodities getting so expensive, families are having a hard time making ends meet. So, we’re going to have to talk about that, and housing foreclosures and bankruptcies and higher taxation. We’re going to hang him — so to speak, metaphorically — with — you have to be careful.”…

This comes after Tea Party Terrorists at the Chamber of Commerce told their followers to take “all available means” against the President.…

Outed – Donald Trump’s racism and candidacy. Guess who’s behind it?

April 30, 2011 12 comments

Trump’s racism and candidacy another product of the poor hating, freedom destroying Koch brothers. He’s a Koch sucker.

Stupid racist birthers. Cartoon edition.

April 29, 2011 4 comments

This post goes out to that idiot wingnut “hypocritebasher” who if he was true to his name must spend a lot of time beating himself up….


Tea Party Terrorists. The Chamber of Commerce directly threatens the President

President Obama has proposed an Executive Order that will end the ability of Corporations to bribe their way to Government Contracts. The Chamber of Commerce is not happy and are suggesting their own second amendment solution

Lobbyist Fires Warning Shot Over Donation Disclosure Plan

WASHINGTON — So much for détente.After a brief truce of sorts between the White House and business leaders, the top lobbyist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce took aim at President Obama on Tuesday over an as-yet unannounced plan to force government contractors to disclose their political giving.

The lobbyist, R. Bruce Josten, said in an interview that the powerful business bloc “is not going to tolerate” what it saw as a “backdoor attempt” by the White House to silence private-sector opponents by disclosing their political spending.

“We will fight it through all available means,” Mr. Josten said. In a reference to the White House’s battle to depose Libya’s leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, he said, “To quote what they say every day on Libya, all options are on the table.”

Note, they do not say all legal actions, they make a very clear reference to our current actions in Libya.

Tea Party Terrorists.

How sensible people remember Ronald Reagan