200,000+ march in London. This is a REAL Tea Party.

Compare and contrast the Tea Parties across the Pond.

In America, the right wing became concerned about deficit spending on 20 January 2009. Astro turf groups were set up all over the US to encourage Klan retireees to support an agenda that would deliver no health care for them and higher taxes to pay for tax cuts for billionaires, along with cuts to the very social security system that most of them rely on.

Contrast that with the “Tea Party” now in the UK.

They are not supporting terrorist actions against the government.
They are not calling for the UK equivalent of second amendment solutions if they din’t get their way.
They are not demanding to see the birth certificate of David Cameron.
They are not out demanding tax cuts for billionaires.

They are joining with the Trade Union movement and Government employees to fight and oppose the spending cuts so lovingly called “austerity measures” and so fully supported (supposedly) by their extreme equivalents across the pond.

More than two hundred thousand people are protesting the cuts. Estimates go as high as double that. The police are not reporting numbers.

They are not the “usual suspects” of rioting students or Labour Party activists.

There are people from all Parties, worried about the impact the cuts will have on their local services.

BBC reporter, Mark Easton blogged

A regiment of purposeful Gloucestershire ladies were making their way to a kitchen-table meeting. Over tea from a pot and cakes from a stand, they discussed the arrangements for tomorrow. They are planning to join the protest.

“I’m scared of going on a political march” says Chloe Lees, announcing that she has never been on a demo before.

“I don’t want to be kettled. I refuse to pee in the street whatever the cause.”

Nevertheless, the plans have been made and Chloe will be on a train tomorrow morning with her “Save The Libraries” placard.

“I’m taking my 74-year-old Mum,” says Susan Caudron. “This is the only way to make a difference. Now we really have to get out there and show them how we feel.”

Eighty-five-year-old Eugenie Summerfield adds her voice:

“I’m not fit enough to be there but I’ll be with you in spirit. I’m so angry about what’s happening, not just in Gloucestershire but all over the country. I’ll be with you all the way.”
There is authentic passion in the room. The tea-party in the Cotswolds is not politically motivated, but they have been roused by the threat to the users of familiar and well-loved public services.

What a contrast to the Koch funded lot in America, the only protest group in the World to demand more cuts in government spending (but only when a black guy is in charge).

  1. alhjgyikk
    April 19, 2011 at 6:01 am

    Politicians and diapers have one thing in common

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