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More Reasons Fox News Should Consider Rebranding

In addition to the reasons we recently listed: admitting to being “opinionated”, bombastic and openly partisan, Faux “News” now has at least two more reasons to consider rebranding itself.
First, the “news” channel had to admit that it falsely reversed the results of a recent USA Today/Gallup poll to indicate the public strongly supports taking away the collective bargaining rights of public employees.


Fox and Friends morning show co-propagandist Brian Kilmeade stated that 61% of Americans favored taking away those rights, 33% were opposed, and 6% didn’t know. In fact, the only percentage he told the truth about were the 6% of Americans who did not know, or had no opinion. The other two categories he completely reversed.
Also, the revelations made in former Palin aide Frank Bailey’s co-authored manuscript let the world know that Faux, among other Conservative media lapdogs, long served as a mouthpiece for the matronly queen of the Tea Party. Bailey reveals, amidst a treasure trove of other Palin peccadilloes, that she simply sent talking points to Fox’s Hannity, Van Sustren, Beck and O’Reilly. In turn, these “journalists” would faithfully repeat said talking points, as if they were, in fact, actual news.
Don’t forget, in an effort to assist Fox with its new image, we here at TCL are conducting a contest to come up with a new slogan for the embattled network. It’s fun and you can win a cool political graphic T-shirt.

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