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If you thought Arizona’s SB1070 law was disgusting – this will destroy your soul.

Arizona Republicans are going full on StormFront.

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona legislative committee on Tuesday narrowly approved a sweeping bill that would target illegal immigrants in public housing, public benefits and the workplace.The Senate committee also approved a bill that would deny automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants, a measure designed to set up a possible U.S. Supreme Court case on the issue.Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce, who authored Arizona’s controversial illegal immigration law last year that touched off a nationwide debate on whether states can enforce federal immigration laws, sponsored the latest measure.”If you’re in the country illegally, you don’t have a right to public benefits, period,” he said.

Passing the bill would place a “dark cloud over Arizona that will make SB1070 tame in comparison,” said Jaime Farrant of the Border Action Network, an advocacy group, referring to last year’s controversial law.The new sweeping measure, approved on a 7-6 vote, advances to the full Senate after a legal review and discussions by party caucuses. Democrats by themselves don’t have the votes to block Pearce’s bill.The measure toughens requirements for employers checking work eligibility of new hires, allowing for their business licenses to be suspended if they don’t use the federal E-Verify system. Workers caught using a false identity to get a job would face mandatory six-month jail sentences. It also requires schools to collect information on the legal status of students and report them to law enforcement if their parents don’t provide the necessary documents or the documents appear false. The bill also seeks a 30-day minimum jail sentence and the seizure of vehicles belonging to any illegal immigrant convicted of driving in the state. In housing, it requires public agencies to verify the immigration status of renters and to evict everyone living in a unit if one is found to be an illegal immigrant.

More from the AP – even some Arizona Republicans find the latest proposal from the Tea Party Terrorists disgusting.

Unadulterated racism at its very purest. Tea Party Terrorists are of course lapping it up.

  1. edu wonk
    April 18, 2011 at 2:41 am

    Please point out someday how K. Dujan, one person not an “org”, never allows comments on his begging posts. His followers don’t seem to mind, even though it’s quite an obvious use of censorship, unlike other comments where readers never know just how many legitimate, critical comments Dujan dumps in his dustbin.

    the new look is really ugly and, as usual, lots of places where would-be-banner ads instead beg for someone/anyone to purchase the space.

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