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Thank God They Had A Gun To Defend Themselves

    A fourth grade Wisconsin girl’s teacher thought she looked a bit pale.  Upon questioning her, she discovered the girl had been shot.  According to Fox News Radio, the girl’s fifth grade brother shot her with a  9 mm handgun accidentally as they “scrambled” to defend themselves from an intruder in their home.  There was no actual intruder.  But if there had been, thank God they had a gun with which to fight back.

    The bullet entered her chest, hit a vertebral body and exited under her arm, whereupon her brother cleaned and bandaged her wound and sent her to bed. 

     Maybe their parents had been responsible enough to teach them the first aid techniques as part of their gun training.  After all, if you teach kids to respect guns and how to use them as a tool and not a toy, there won’t be a problem.

(Between 1965 and 2006, over 64,000 Americans died in unintentional shootings – more Americans than were killed in combat during the same period. For every person killed in such shootings, about thirteen are seriously wounded. For every time guns are used in a self-defense shooting, there are four unintentional shootings (as well as seven criminal assaults and eleven attempted or completed suicides. A recent study by the Univ. of Pennsylvania shows  that individuals in actual possession of a gun are over four times more likely to be shot in an assault than persons not in possession of a gun. )

  1. September 26, 2011 at 4:51 am

    I actually had some numb-nuts argue recently that you could teach kids “gun safety” using coloring books. These kids aren’t old enough to read, don’t know what death is, can’t cross the street by themselves, but if you give them a coloring book they will never, ever pick up a gun their f***tard parent might leave lying around and shoot their other parent, for instance.

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