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Luton taxpayers forced to waste £50 per Nazi

The delightful people behind the EDL

In order to ensure that EDL thugs did not riot in Luton, Bedfordshire Police mounted their largest ever operation. Around 1,000 officers were deployed in Luton to prevent clashes between the far right English Defence League and a rival anti-Fascist group.

Shops were boarded up in case the demonstrations turned violent and alcohol sales were banned.

The cost to taxpayers is estimated at around £1 million for security and clear up. 2,000 EDL supporters were bused in from all over the Country. This therefore means that Luton wasted £50 per Nazi thug.

The EDL / SOIE were given a major cash boost by hate site author Pamela Geller. She called the riots in Dudley a victory for freedom. So Luton residents remember that name and their American right wing links when  you get reduced services and higher taxes after April and remember where their money came from. Perhaps the invoice should be met by those giving these thugs backing and support.

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