Quitting Quitter Quits CPAC

Sarah Palin, The Quitting Quitter from Wasilla has quit CPAC. She was expected to headline the event and now will leave that field to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the foot stomping candidate Senator Rand Paul.

Fellow Quitting Quitters are quitting because GoProud are co-sponsors of the event.

Also quitting the event are the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, Liberty University, and the Heritage Foundation, Senators Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, Representative Jim Jordan and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. It appears that they all feared “teh gay”.

The Quitting Quitter was going to make a statement on why she quit, but she quit half way through the statement.

Source: letzgetreal

  1. Obotinchief
    February 5, 2011 at 2:37 am

    Thanks for cross posting this. I just started a 30 day ad campaign so feel free to post as much stuff as you want, let’s make this a good news month for SP. I have also had some contact with a couple of news orgs that might want our take on the pumas should they try and resurface during the upcoming presidential race and election, would you be interested in commenting, possibly by phone with them? Imagine debating Murphy or DuJuan on CNN or MSNBC? Wouldn’t that be something!

    • February 5, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      Yep that is good. I will be away at the same time, hopefully Dave can look after the blog during then.

      I agree with you about ignoring the boycott Palin thing. Scandal after scandal is coming out (most pushed by her fellow Rethugs) but because Dana Millbank says “ignore her” she is being ignored on lefty blogs.

      She is an idiot and a dangerous extremist. Her “brand” now runs the right wing blogosphere. The GOp needs to own her and by hit by her scandals. We should be screaming from the roof tops that this is the Rethug Party of today.

  2. geek23-7
    February 18, 2011 at 4:54 am

    “Quitting” isn’t the correct word: Palin was responsible would be accurate. She did the right thing. The lawsuits thrown at her were ridiculous but unending. It would have been stupid and irresponsible for her to waste taxpayer money and manpower on them.

    PPl should drop the quitter misnomer.

    O/T Dujan says 100 piddly MB of data are preventing Hickbuzz from “moving to our own dedicated servers” (!!) haha! how stupid does he think his readers are??

    100 puny megabytes???? “dedicated server”????

    I’ve never seen anyone else claim that a website is tantamount to some kind of major investment. What is he really doing with all that $$$???

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