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Now Tea Party Republicans want to kill women who have a miscarriage.

February 25, 2011 2 comments

Dick Head Tea Party Terrorist

The political wing of the Tea Party Terrorists is yet again turning its attention to the right of women to choose. Supposedly against big government, they can not help themselves wanting their bath tub government to expand in to the private lives of individuals.

Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin has proposed a bill that would treat abortion as murder and if a woman miscarries, while not in the presence of a Doctor, she would be investigated for murder at one of her most harrowing times in her life.

A woman would have to prove that if she had taken a sleeping pill or if she had consumed a glass of wine that neither of those things caused her to have the miscarriage. If drinking a glass of wine caused a miscarriage she would face the death penalty.

So a foetus must be saved at all cost, a distraught would have been mother, well her life is worthless.

The reaction of other Tea Party Republicans to this is to attack Franklin, not for the bill itself but for the timing. They agree with him but they want these things left until after the Presidential election.

I wonder why.

More at Mother Jones



February 25, 2011 7 comments

it wasn’t really such a good idea to publish a begging thermometer to get of WordPress.

How much does a new website cost? Err $5.99

How many days to the end of February again? Oh wow, three.

Moving over to the new site, on our own dedicated servers, is the biggest and most expensive project we have ever tackled. There’s nearly 100MB of data archived in the three years since HB began. If you have been a fan of what we do in the past and look forward to what the new site can accomplish, anything you could chip in towards defraying the costs of the move is appreciated. If reading our content has been worth $5 or $10 to you, now is the time when your help make us better than we ever could have been stuck here on WordPress.


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More Reasons Fox News Should Consider Rebranding

In addition to the reasons we recently listed: admitting to being “opinionated”, bombastic and openly partisan, Faux “News” now has at least two more reasons to consider rebranding itself.
First, the “news” channel had to admit that it falsely reversed the results of a recent USA Today/Gallup poll to indicate the public strongly supports taking away the collective bargaining rights of public employees.


Fox and Friends morning show co-propagandist Brian Kilmeade stated that 61% of Americans favored taking away those rights, 33% were opposed, and 6% didn’t know. In fact, the only percentage he told the truth about were the 6% of Americans who did not know, or had no opinion. The other two categories he completely reversed.
Also, the revelations made in former Palin aide Frank Bailey’s co-authored manuscript let the world know that Faux, among other Conservative media lapdogs, long served as a mouthpiece for the matronly queen of the Tea Party. Bailey reveals, amidst a treasure trove of other Palin peccadilloes, that she simply sent talking points to Fox’s Hannity, Van Sustren, Beck and O’Reilly. In turn, these “journalists” would faithfully repeat said talking points, as if they were, in fact, actual news.
Don’t forget, in an effort to assist Fox with its new image, we here at TCL are conducting a contest to come up with a new slogan for the embattled network. It’s fun and you can win a cool political graphic T-shirt.

If you thought Arizona’s SB1070 law was disgusting – this will destroy your soul.

February 23, 2011 1 comment

Arizona Republicans are going full on StormFront.

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona legislative committee on Tuesday narrowly approved a sweeping bill that would target illegal immigrants in public housing, public benefits and the workplace.The Senate committee also approved a bill that would deny automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants, a measure designed to set up a possible U.S. Supreme Court case on the issue.Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce, who authored Arizona’s controversial illegal immigration law last year that touched off a nationwide debate on whether states can enforce federal immigration laws, sponsored the latest measure.”If you’re in the country illegally, you don’t have a right to public benefits, period,” he said.

Passing the bill would place a “dark cloud over Arizona that will make SB1070 tame in comparison,” said Jaime Farrant of the Border Action Network, an advocacy group, referring to last year’s controversial law.The new sweeping measure, approved on a 7-6 vote, advances to the full Senate after a legal review and discussions by party caucuses. Democrats by themselves don’t have the votes to block Pearce’s bill.The measure toughens requirements for employers checking work eligibility of new hires, allowing for their business licenses to be suspended if they don’t use the federal E-Verify system. Workers caught using a false identity to get a job would face mandatory six-month jail sentences. It also requires schools to collect information on the legal status of students and report them to law enforcement if their parents don’t provide the necessary documents or the documents appear false. The bill also seeks a 30-day minimum jail sentence and the seizure of vehicles belonging to any illegal immigrant convicted of driving in the state. In housing, it requires public agencies to verify the immigration status of renters and to evict everyone living in a unit if one is found to be an illegal immigrant.

More from the AP – even some Arizona Republicans find the latest proposal from the Tea Party Terrorists disgusting.

Unadulterated racism at its very purest. Tea Party Terrorists are of course lapping it up.

Call me a whaambulance. Bonehead proves he is worried that DOMA will reveal GOP bigotry

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Attorney General, Eric Holder, today declared that the US government will no longer defend Section 3 of DOMA in court.

Eric Holder issued this statement

After careful consideration, including a review of my recommendation, the President has concluded that given a number of factors, including a documented history of discrimination, classifications based on sexual orientation should be subject to a more heightened standard of scrutiny. The President has also concluded that Section 3 of DOMA, as applied to legally married same-sex couples, fails to meet that standard and is therefore unconstitutional. Given that conclusion, the President has instructed the Department not to defend the statute in such cases. I fully concur with the President’s determination.

Consequently, the Department will not defend the constitutionality of Section 3 of DOMA as applied to same-sex married couples in the two cases filed in the Second Circuit. We will, however, remain parties to the cases and continue to represent the interests of the United States throughout the litigation. I have informed Members of Congress of this decision, so Members who wish to defend the statute may pursue that option. The Department will also work closely with the courts to ensure that Congress has a full and fair opportunity to participate in pending litigation.

Furthermore, pursuant to the President’s instructions, and upon further notification to Congress, I will instruct Department attorneys to advise courts in other pending DOMA litigation of the President’s and my conclusions that a heightened standard should apply, that Section 3 is unconstitutional under that standard and that the Department will cease defense of Section 3.

John Boehner’s spokesman issued this terse statement in response: “While Americans want Washington to focus on creating jobs and cutting spending, the President will have to explain why he thinks now is the appropriate time to stir up a controversial issue that sharply divides the nation.

Of course to a Republicant, abortion is not an issue that divides the United States, re-defining rape is not a divisive issue, scraaping the health care reform is not a divisive issue, nor are vouchers for private schools and the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. To the Republicant Leadership these are issues that are far more pressing than the budget deficit (which according to their plan will take 50 years to end) and restoring jobs for Americans.

He is not worried about how this splits the US, he is worried about how it splits his Party, it will give a new voice to the bigots and then the super-bigots. Not something he would have wanted to happen in the run up to Republican Primaries for the 2012 Presidential election.

What a very very straight Ivory Tower Republicants live in.

More lunacy from Birtherstan

February 23, 2011 1 comment

Opportunistic racist and front-pager at Conservatives4Palin Kevin Dujan has a new theory about President Obama that he is selling on his own blog in order to extract more money from the tongue dragging right wing of America.

According to birther Dujan, the surname of President Obama is in fact Soetobakh and also nothing, because in the eyes of the lunatic bigotbots surnames do not exits in Indonesia. His theory that Americans are completely stupid and do not understand surnames that may be “difficult to explain” to Americans (I guess he means Republican Americans).

Drudge has linked this story from World Net Daily that notes the odd decision by the Supreme Court to hold a new “conference” on Obama’s eligibility to hold the presidency.

Let’s research WHY the court could be compelled to do this.

It MUST have something to do with the fact that Obama has no birth certificate on file in the Hawaiian Hall of Records with the name “Barack Hussein Obama” on it — since his original Hawaiian birth certificate with that name was sealed in the 1970s when he was adopted in Indonesia by Lolo Soetoro, his stepfather. At the time of adoption, a child’s original birth certificate is sealed away and replaced in the Hall of Records by a new birth certificate that bears the adopted parents’ names and the child’s new name, if a new name is given.

This is what happened to Obama, when he was renamed “Soetobakh” by his mother and stepfather at the time of adoption.

In Indonesia, there are no last names. The man who adopted Obama is routinely called “Lolo Soetoro”, but in reality his name in Indonesia is just Soetoro. ”Lolo” is a nickname — but on documents in the West, Soetoro seems to have used the name “Lolo Soetoro” because he needed to complete a first and last name line on documentation.

There are a couple names that could appear on the birth certificate Hawaii has on file for the current US President because of the odd circumstances involved in Indonesian names. Here are a few options:

* Soetobakh Dunham

* Soetobakh Soetoro

* Barry Soetoro

* Soetoro Soetobakh

The reason Obama has spent so much time and money hiding his original birth certificate is because his adoption in the 1970s, and the bizarre, Klingon-sounding name “Soetobakh” are just so strange and difficult to explain to Americans.

Not only does he make up a completely new name for President Obama but his followers (who have to register via WordPress) then start arguing how to spell the newly made up name in order to fit their theory.

The reaction of the mad Palin fans, somewhat to the right of Stormfront.

old1 Says:

February 20, 2011 at 1:52 am

No matter what he calls himself, he is a Muslim Communist trying to destroy America. He clearly shows that there is far too much stupid in America today, if the election was legit! If it was rigged there is enough stupid that he still remains in our White House! How much stupid do we have living in our country? Stamp out stupidity and save our Republic!

For more on the lunacy of birthers

Father Martin Niomeller’s pertinent warning to America. Wake up

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

First they came for the Democrats,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Democrat.

…Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Muslims,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Muslim.

Then they came for me

but I will speak out. A year on, they have not silenced me.

Thank you Father Martin Niemoller for your warning so that it can never happen again – if people speak out.