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The New York Times owes Kos diarist BoyBlue an apology

The New York Times has followed the far right blogosphere in reepeating accusations made on the racist Hate Site Hilbuzz about Kos diarist BoyBlue.

I was targeted by the hate site Hilbuzz this time last year and it is not a nice thing but no deaths were associated with it (Hillbuzz readers just made death threats to me).

I can understand BoyBlue deleting his diary which as a result of Dujan is now all over the right wing blogosphere complete with accusations that he is somehow connected to the shooter.

Just a google search would have picked up Hillbuzz is a scam site. Yet it is promoted by Rush Limbaugh and Conservatives4Palin because the scamming scammer who runs it claims to be a Hilary supporter.

“Dead to me is not a threat”. Making direct threats against Members of Congress, which Hillbuzz has done repeatedly is. Those threats are not hard to find.

The circling of the wagons by the right wing blogosphere around Hillbuzz and DuJan’s disgusting and false accusations suggests that only a little more digging was needed by the NYT.. As usual Breitbart and Malkin helped spead the lies.  The NYT could have started by looking at the person who was doing the pointing.

  1. Obotinchief
    January 9, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    These people disgust me, they are the one’s who bring guns to political events, they are the one’s who call for violence against people for disagreeing with them then they try and pin this on the left? What a crock of shit!

    • January 9, 2011 at 11:33 pm

      The Buzzards are now going after the sheriff who pinpointed the shootings on the bigoted rhetoric. So what they are saying is attack anyone who says Hillbuzz is violent. The irony.

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