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Did Sarah Palin call the American Family Association a bunch of closet cased Homos?

Sarah Plain is causing confusion among the brain bigots that frequent sites like Hot Air.

Sarah Palin has since 2008 tried to ride the coat-tails of every far right American movement going. She wants to be Christian Right and Libertarian at the same time. There has not been a right wing cause that Fox has tried to avoid branding with the Palin image and selling to her supporters.

She may have found difficulty with the gays.

In February 2009 she read from a pre-prepared script that she completely opposed the repeal of DADT. It was not a tax cut and it was not Alaska, so therefore the repeal of DADT must be Communist and supported by Terrorist lovers; that nice Christian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told her so and she repeated it on what has now become a Palin informercial with Chris Wallace.

The pre-packaged Bible Spice squawked at the general direction of Chris Wallace when asked whether she supported the repeal of DADT

“I don’t think so right now. I’m surprised that the President spent that on his State of the Union speech when he only spent about nine percent of his time in the State of the Union on national security issues. And I say that because there are other things to be worried about right now with the Military.”

(You are able to decipher this once you remove the grating noise of finger nails being dragged across a chalk board).

Now move forward to 2011. Fox News is still promoting the Quitter from Wasilla and she has lasted longer on the Fox News Network than she did as Governor.

Her paid Twitter expert re-tweeted a message from right-wing radio blogger Tammy Bruce.

Bruce is busy running round the place explaining that shows that the Bible Spice Queen has changed her position on gays. Gay people have been demoted on the hate list because in 2011 it is the Muslims and the blacks Republicans hate. Gay people are currently safe from Palin hate.

As some brain bigots understand at Red State

– if Plain Sarah has not just flip-flopped on DADT then she has called the Republicans and Christian Conservatives a bunch of closet cased homos. They are, according to Sarah Plain, people who doth protest too much.

So which is it? Are people like the American Family Association a bunch of self hating homo bigots or is Sarah showing her support for gays?

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