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Well I’m still not smoking

I’m down in London visiting my family and so I have taken a short time off blogging.

Giving up smoking was pretty easy, although I have “cheated”  and had a total of two cigarettes in the whole time I have not been smoking.

It’s been a bad time to relax from blogging, Wikileaks leaked. Assange became the enemy of the State and mad Palin supporters want him hunted down like a terrorist, however as stupid Palin supporters want people who disagree with them hunted down as terrorists that is no surprise.

Student finance cuts/reform proved to be  the biggest issue the coalition government faced. Given the Housing Benefit cuts resulted in almost no opposition it proves that a governemnt can shaft the poor but nothing happens  but mess with the middle class and wealthy going to university a British (Tory) Governemnt is likely to face riots.

In the US Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed and some Republicans gained some common sense and voted for the new START Treaty signed by the US President. A precedent of not signing off on Treaties just because the other Party signed it was probably too far for for those with some brains.

It has been a very mixed year and for me I look forward to a new year with hopefully much better contracts.

So to all of you the best for the Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas to those who follow it. Here’s hoping 2011 brings wealth and hapiness to you.

All Best Wishes


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