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I am choosing not to smoke.

Yeah I read the book on “choosing to smoke”. Yes it is a great mind trick to buy a packet of cigarettes and walk around with the ability to choose whether to smoke or not and to firmly and strongly say no.

I’m choosing not to smoke because it is really bloody cold outside and I therefore can not be asked to go and get some cigarettes.

That emergency pack has been smoked. I’m choosing not to get cold. I have 72 hours to clear the nicotine addiction in the body and I’m 40 hours through that

Every time I have given up smoking I have lost any health benefit by adding about 50% to my weight. So if that carries on I will need a fireman to get me down he stairs and will look something like Larry Johnson writing NoQuarter.

LArry Johnson actingas Admin for NoQuarter

I will however be able to enjoy hassle free flights to the States as I’d be too big to fit in the nudey scan machines and the TSA will not want to grope me.

Don’t worry I won’t have a blog breakdown and insult a War Widow.

I may however spend the next night playing some version of call of duty just so I can play mass murder on-screen and not in real life as a result of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. I am scares that if I see my neighbour I may eat him and not in a way that he would find mutually enjoyable unless he is somehow related to these people.

One of the advantages of stopping smoking is that when you do stop for a prolonged period of time you get to enjoy nicotine highs and some very trippy dreams when or if you do start again.  Also when ever you pass a smoker your body goes all a flutter (and only the hypnotised or self deniers will tell you that the smell of that passive smoke makes you ill).

Anyway peeps wish me luck.

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  1. December 1, 2010 at 12:19 am

    heh heh. Good luck!! An Irishman not smoking is like an Irishman not drinking. And hey, hit me back on those e-mails. (Not that I’m complaining, as I realize I am the worst e-mail checker and responder in the free world.)

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