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Colour me amazed. Climate Change deniers wrong again.

Former weatherman and climate change "expert" Anthony Watts

I used to go to Anthony Watts’ WordPress blog to read the diatribe and participate in the discussions. His blog, “Watts Up With That?,” is a conglomeration of reports and commentary about the ongoing climategate scandal. If features articles from “scientists” (notice the quotation marks [notice the parenthetical call to attention of the quotation marks]) the likes of Robert Ferguson , Dr. Frederick Seitz (who also was paid by big tobacco to deny its link to cancer) and Dr. Timothy Ball, an Exxon-paid hack. Not that Exxon , or other big oil companies, would have any financial interest in convincing the public that climate change isn’t real.
I say I used to visit the site, because I was moderated out of commenting when I correctly pointed out a few errors in logic and the funding sources of much of the research relied upon for Watts’ content.
So, it gives me great pleasure to direct you to this link:

Anthony Watts: Disastrously Wrong Again

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