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How to get your money back from a cult.

How scammers get you.

There are always some people who fall for the Nigerian Prince scams. Sometimes, they make that scam far more elaborate. One scammer, and I know my readers know who I am on about continually berates his readers about how evil Liberals are to him and how he needs a new website. Scammers  often tend to prey on religious Conservatives, they tend to be older and more trusting of the inherent nature of man, especially if they like what they hear. That is not to say that Religious Conservatives are the sole victims of cults. Falling prey to a cult is not a political thing.

Cults use religion, politics and berating of their supporters to keep people on message and more importantly they do it make sure that people keep giving up their money to the cult leader. No one can question the cult leader. This analysis details how a psychopath chooses their victim in real life, the same principles apply online.

There are some who do not think that they were involved in a cut It may well be worth them checking out this analysis.

Some real people have been conned. I have deleted the name of the posters to protect the innocent.

I have to say I’m feeling more than a little foolish at having been taken in, especially after reading Mrs. P’s account of it. The overblown drama I had learned to overlook, and I had long suspected there were no other Boyz (which I excused and attributed to creative license). The outright lies about real people (******* is on vacation?) I did not see coming.

Oh I donated. *****. To the tune of hundreds of dollars. I fell hook, line and sinker. I feel sheepish about it, but I will not be shamed into silence. My worst sin was being a trusting soul who tried to help someone who I thought was in need.

Well is there something you can do?


Definitely make sure you are not shamed in to silence. You are a victim and have every right to seek recourse. Now that you have stopped being a victim there is nothing that cult can do to you.

Did you just “donate” or did you donate for a particular purpose? If you were misled in to donating you may well have enough grounds to make a criminal case. Report online fraud here.

The site that they are concerned with uses Paypal. Report it. You may not get your money back but there are numerous rule breaches, such as the promotion of hate speech which would invalidate the account. Paypal freeze accounts if there is even a whiff of fraud. Cults are indeed very whiffy. There is also the issue of obtaining money by deception. Where are the trips you paid for or the new website? If enough former cult supporters report the account in question then Paypal will close it.

Did you pay with a credit card? You may have some protection from them. Contact your card issuer. Laws may vary by State.

Get revenge.

Contact C4P about their front-pager.
Contact Rush Limbaugh.
Contact Michelle Malkin.

They have all, unwittingly, promoted that Cult.

Then contact the IRS. They will even give cash rewards for snitching on a cheat.

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