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An open letter to the ex-readers of Hillbuzz

Kevin Dujan, Hillary Clinton, Kevin Dujan and Hillary Clinton, Kevin Dujan meets Hillary Clinton

Dujan meets a cardboard cutout

There are a lot of ex-hillbuzz readers floating around the internet looking for a new home because of Dujan’s attack on a War Widow and his unapologetic response that took 5,000 words to lay the blame on her, through none other than Jesus. (Seriously)

(Updated – Coward Dujan deleted that whole thread so click here for the google cache of it)

Let’s be clear it should have been obvious to any of his regulars that Dujan is nothing but a liar and a con artist. It should have been obvious to anyone that he is quite capable of insulting a war widow. Now that the USO post has woken you up, let me detail some more truths.

The only article “attacking” Dujan on Kos is called Scott Brown and a Hate Site. It got very little coverage.

In the mind of Dujan it provides absolute proof that I and a number of other bloggers are at the head of the DNC and have been given eleventy kertrillion ameros from the Soros led “give fund” to harass him.

In the real Word, it questions whether a Republican candidate should accept money from a hate site. The article was published before the election, not after. I cross-posted it on DU and Kos. No-one else did.

Of course that article allowed Kevin to play his victim card. Due to his claim that he was a former Hillary supporter, the Conservative blogosphere lapped it up.

Almost every Conservative blog reposted the article from “A Conservative Lesbian” stating categorically Kevin Dujan is not a racist and encouraged the Conservative blogosphere to give money to fight the evil Soros backed monster, that is me. Even Malkin was tricked.

Google does not pick up the search terms “is” and “not”. So as a result of the right-wing blogosphere republishing the article “Kevin Dujan is not a racist”, when you enter the term Kevin Dujan the word racist appears. No plot, no money to google from Soros via me to make that happen. It happened because the right-wing blogs jumped on the bandwagon to defend Dujan, as not a racist, when in fact they did not even know who he was.

Those that defended him may not consider it racist to call blacks lazy and their children “litters”, I beg to differ.

My “attack” hardly matches what he did. One blog owner had his details published and then Dujan sought the details of his wife wife, the bloggers wife had nothing to do with the blogosphere but that did not stop Dujan.  At t 4:23 AM on Wednesday 1/27 Dujan sent an email to that blogger that mentioned his  wife several times and someone he thought was his employer twice. It included the lines “I look forward to meeting you both in person soon.” and “Please give my best to [my wife’s name].”.  The blog owner threatened to call the police, Dujan then deleted his article.  One female blogger was threatened by Hillbuzz readers with baseball bats. One university lecturer was threatened at work. Remember I had nothing to do with these people. My only connection with the other bloggers was the fact that I occasionally commented on their blogs, because they were interesting. Not because of membership of any conspiracy. I’m not part of a great conspiracy. As far as I know, neither is Mrs P of Snarkopolitan. I can not say that for certain because I have no actual idea about who she is, although I think she may be Laura Bush. 😉

No-one asked what happened to the money though. My contact details are known. I have them on my blog. I have never ever heard from Dujan.

I have had email conversations with Susan Traversy. She has also commented here. She has never “attacked him” or said he should get aids or whatever. It is the same lie, to play the same victim card.

Fran Eaton does not continually attack him. Pat Brady and Fran Eaton are more interested in winning elections for Republicans. They have no interest in Hillbuzz or Dujan. They can of course be asked about what Dujan did to help Republicans in Illinois.

Dujan has proven himself to be a nasty on-line stalker. He was reported to the police for it. The fact is Kos does not continually attack Dujan. No-one on Kos is interested in PUMAs. They are so 2008. Some sites have written articles about Dujan because he is a racist nutter with a not very original method of extracting money from gullible Conservatives. Yay, Jesus, Yay America. Kerching.

The letter to Bush, Limbaugh and now (he hopes) Jesus would never have spread like wildfire through the Conservative blogosphere if he had been A N Other right-wing blog. He has however a hook, his worn sticky photo of him and a cardboard cut-out of Hillary.

That cardboard cut-out makes him a hero to the right, even when he is encouraging Conservatives to commit illegal activities. He s more interesting because people think he is an ex supporter of the Democratic Party.

I’m shocked Limbaugh fell for it.

If it gets him money and online hits, Dujan would write a letter to the gay community declaring himself “an ex gay” just to get money from Christian Conservatives.

Why my continued interest in him? Well, he’s Palin’s baby now. If the 2008 Primaries made him this unstable, wait until he follows a GOP primary. They make the Obama/Clinton primaries look like a tickle fight. The GOP however has  the ability to shut up and get behind their candidate once the Primary is over. All of the sites attacking Primary candidates disappear once the winner is found. After all that is Saint Ron’s eleventh commandment. Dujan does not have that ability and now he front pages at C4P.

To the remaining Buzzards, now that DuJan has done the whole Jesus thing on you for your money, when he invites you to try his special drink at a special time, let him try it first.

  1. November 17, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Brownie points to any Hillbuzz reader that can find the name of the military spokesman for Al Queda in Europe.

  2. November 18, 2010 at 1:20 am

    Once again, Dujan fails to realize that his grab for the limelight, in this case the Bristol Palin CWTS voting brouhaha, is something that people are going to mock him for, and rightly so:
    I suppose he was so involved with this important, breaking story, and his few minutes on the world stage, that he is neglecting to comment on the Alaskan Senate vote, which went for Murkowski.

    • November 18, 2010 at 1:47 am

      He never comments on real news he just makes up lies.

  3. Patience
    November 18, 2010 at 5:37 am

    The number of gullible Hillbuzz donors never ceases to amaze me: over and over dujan claims to need $$ to build a site “with all the bells and whistles” (whatever that means!), start a radio program, make videos, go on excursion to do “political reporting”, etc.. When one ploy has brought in its share of $$, the themes cycle: lather rinse repeat >> infinity!

    And who could forget dujan suggesting the US bomb an islamic holy site every time an act of islamic terror occurred?

    The oddest thing is Dujan’s crazy delusional mix of
    victim, bully, screamer and drama-queen all rolled into one.

  4. Obotinchief
    November 18, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Good job BB with keeping the heat on Kevin Dickjan and his successful attempt to swindle those poor people out of their money. I find it kinda ironic that Mrs. Polly or whatever she calls herself nowadays has started to milk the anti-hillbuzz bandwagon for all it’s worth, she was one of the first people throwing us under the bus when the shit hit the fan last year. We had done nothing wrong at her blogfathers blog while we were commenters yet we were prosecuted for supposedly causing the whole fracas, hell I never even heard of hillbuzz until I read it at RR under the photoshopped hillbuzz banner changed to say Dickspuzz created by non other than her “blogfather”. Anyway, I’m really enjoying the fact that his cover is blown finally!

    • November 18, 2010 at 12:16 pm

      I just find the Hillbuzz asylum seeker comments absolutely hilarious. I think people just reacted badly when he started doing is “who is” series so I am happy to forgive and forget. We were all victims in that and I would never expect people to react very well the first time they come across a completely insane nutter. That experience taught me a lot and I most certainly would handle it very differently now.

      Illinois has some very very tough anti-cyber bullying laws and I have posted about them in one of the comments here. They are in fact amongst the toughest in the US. So if he tries anything like that, with anyone, even any of the Hillbuzz asylum seekers, he would be looking at a very long time in jail.

      I would also suggest that anyone who donated money to help Candidate X, buy a new web site, etc, may also have quite a good chance of getting their money back. They would certainly have a good case.

  5. November 18, 2010 at 3:18 pm
  6. November 18, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Good luck with that, TBB. Though anti-bullying laws sound great, there has to have been actual threats, i.e., more than one, of physical violence. There was a case in Pittsburgh where several people threatened a judge: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10224/1079435-455.stm.
    As you can see if you read the article, it’s very difficult to prosecute these kinds of cases.
    I am not sure how you could hide your identity while posting on a wordpress site, every poster’s URL is visible to the blog owner, regardless of the email or screen name. Kevin has stated the he shares URLs with other site owners, so please be especially careful.
    Also be aware that he has gotten away, thus far, with revealing people’s personal info, and claiming, falsely, that he was threatened with a vial of the AIDS virus, threatened with sexual assault, claimed that the “troll” from NH sent him emails stating that “all f**gs would get AIDS and die”, and that he would “never leave NH alive”.
    Also be aware that he will alter any emails sent to him, and be completely happy doing so, regardless of what the TOS of WordPress..
    The poster “franklyrnuts”(sp?) had, I believe, sent Dujan some emails offering to proofread his posts, which sent Dujan into a frenzy of indignation. She claimed, on the USO post, that Dujan altered her emails to him, making her look like a critical harpy.
    Since she has the nerve to criticize Dujan, and her first name was the same as the “troll from NH” Dujan loved to talk about, several HB’ers assumed that they were one and the same person, though a couple did defend her.

    • November 18, 2010 at 4:01 pm

      He only got away with it because those been cyber-bullied before handled it badly. If he tries it, that is not happening again.

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