So why did the UK vote Labour out again?

While we are waiting for the big axe man to cometh as a result of Osborne’s baby eating agenda to slash his way through public services and burn public sector workers at the stake, some may question just why did they vote for the Con-Dem coalition?

Sam Coates of The Times (£££) has a gentle reminder.

The administrative burdens being placed on Shadow Cabinet members could provoke some mirth among opponents. First, all new policy must be signed off by the relevant shadow secretary of state, and a questionnaire obtained from the Treasury team.

Completed forms must then be handed into the the office of Angela Eagle, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, two weeks in advance of any announcement, and written confirmation of her approval will be given within a week.

The first draft of any full announcement or speech must be handed in to Ms Eagle’s office “no later than” three days before it is made. The final draft must then be sent in 24 hours before delivery.Significant speeches not containing new policy announcements are only subject to a seven-step clearing process and only have to be handed to Ms Eagle two days before the speech is to be delivered. Only then can the Shadow Cabinet member go ahead with the announcement.

Oh yes, that form filling again.

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