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The biggest sore loser of the night – Palin’s Joe Miller.

Tea Party Republican Joe Miller is resorting to the dirty tricks of old. Calling in the thugs and lawyers. Alaska may not have a Senator-Elect for weeks or even months.

Sarah Palin’s Joe Miller is losing heavily to “write in candidate” in her home State. That is right, Sarah Palin could not even get one of her candidates to win in her home State.

Lisa Murkowski’s write in campaign leads by about 40% of the vote total.

Miller, who represents the political wing of the Tea Party Terrorists has 35 percent.

Democratic candidate Scott McAdams has 24 percent.

Miller has declared he wants the lawyers and thugs to decide. The Campaign Manager for the head-stomping thugs has now declared that they are sending for the lawyers and “their supporters” to scrutinise the count.

Florida residents already know about traditional methods of Rethug vote scrutiny.

Tea Party thugs will just chase after those working on the count, threaten them with lawyers and get a court to declare Miller the winner. Simples. It worked before, however it was Murkowski’s mate from Texas that benefited.

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