Shorter Kevin Dujan of Hillbuzz

Kevin Dujan and Hillary Clinton, Kevin Dujan, Hillary Clinton

Kevin Dujan not nearly as shopped as the original pic

I am an attention seeking wingnut blogger just looking to be called out by Rush Limbaugh (again) so that you good Conservatives can donate money to taking down “leftists”,  stalking other bloggers and buying a new website again. Please remember donate to me and not the GOP because only I can deliver those 18 million votes. And no I’m not really a racist conspiracy theory spreading, smear merchant , really. No, really. Give me your $$$s to show just how much you lurve America.

Well he has certainly found a new way to earn money in this economy. Enjoy giving him your $$$s suckers.

  1. October 30, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Yes, Kevin Dujan continues to be a disgusting, filthy, lying, manipulative pig, and what else is new?
    It seems that Dujan and the Great White Bigot are friends now, as Dujan refers to him as “El Rushbo”
    You would think that Dujan’s followers would’ve noticed, as they seem to be fans of Limbaugh’s, that he has hated the Clinton’s for decades, just recently referring to Sec of State Clinton as “Nurse Ratchet”.

    • October 30, 2010 at 7:51 pm

      It was pointed out to me that DuJan may be an Islamic name, I wonder if his readers know, I also wonder if he is related to this Dujan

      The man on the tape says: ‘We declare our responsibility for what happened in Madrid exactly two-and-a-half years after the attacks on New York and Washington. This is an answer to the crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. If your injustices do not stop there will be more if god wills it.’

      The discovery of the tape followed a phone call to a radio station announcing that it had been left near the main mosque in Madrid. The speaker was identified as Abu Dujan al Afghani. Acebes said he was not known to police in Spain, and they were checking the tape’s veracity. He urged caution in accepting it as true.

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