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At Least Ginni Didn’t Hit Clarence In The Head With His Nine Iron

Long Dong Silver rides again… See, here’s my theory about the latest drama that is making a mockery of one of our nation’s most venerable institutions and which surrounds a man whose office demands behavior above reproach: Clarence Thomas recently inserted himself into a HUGE conflict of interest by attending a far right-wing event hosted by the far right-wing multi-bazillionaire activists the Koch brothers. While there, maybe he took the opportunity to visit a “close female friend” or went to one of those gentlemen’s clubs. His wife, Gini (who is herself a HUGE conflict of interest by virtue of being a far right-wing lobbyist) somehow found out about his business trip escapades, they got into a fight, which, of course, brought up the whole Anita Hill thing again. Because, despite her public support of her husband, what person could not question their spouse after such an allegation?

At about 7:30 the next morning, a Saturday, all in a huff, Ginni Lamp Thomas called Anita Hill to demand an apology, not as a political strategy as some have proffered, but because, emotionally, she couldn’t help herself and she couldn’t wait. And because this phone call puts Clarence Thomas’s alleged sexual harassment and penchant for pornography back in the news, Lillian McEwen, Thomas’s former gal pal, her conscience weighing heavily upon her, finally tells what she was too intimidated to say 20 years ago. Thomas continually claimed during his confirmation hearings that his fidelity to McEwen disputed the allegations by Hill. Ooops.

And we, the American public, are left with a misogynist, right-wing activist judge with a bitter right-wing lobbyist wife who MAY (or may not) discuss matters appearing before the supreme court while they lie in bed together at night. Do you know any couples who don’t discuss work occasionally? I know that’s just what I’ve always wanted, Tea Bagger Ginni Thomas influencing the decisions of the highest court in the land.

But, hey. It’s just a theory.

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