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Why does Palin get more attention than the “God Warrior” from Trading Places?

The idiots on the right are getting their white sheets all in a twist because Kos responded to the idiotic statement from Palin to her ones of supporters and passersby that may have been able to translate the banshee screech she yelled “Don’t Party like it is 1773 yet”.

Of course to Palinbots, whatever she says is always going to be right. No matter how idiotic it is. “Refudiate”?

She is their great white hope. Their great white hope however just confirms the idea of “trailer trash”. Most people who get called “trailer trash” are there through no fault of their own; no money, no opportunity and poor education. They deserve respect. Palin like a pig laps it up by choice. She is a wannabe trailer trash Queen funded by Saudi Money on the Tea Party propaganda unit called Fox News.

She drives in to town in an expensive RV and screeches like a drunken bag lady at any passer-by that gets drawn in. Sadly, the press just love to follow her. The reality is that they may as well follow the real drunken bag lady outside of 7/11. At least the poor old bag lady would have a real life experience that she would be able to communicate. Other than a limited vocabulary of “Obamacare”, “tax cuts” and “America”, Sarah Palin is unable to articulate anything remotely resembling a reasonable argument, even given the absolute protection of Fox News.

Margaret Perrin of Trading Places may have caused many to laugh at the Christian Right, but her views are no different to those of Palin and at least she is able to articulate them.

Just look at this video of Palin and her “Tea Party Express”. I had a “me day” today and I still saw more real people than she did. Fox was not there for me. I got on the bus, went to Tesco, signed for some post and had a friend visit.

You can not see it as the camera does not span, but the “noise” of the crowd in the video suggests that there is only one random Palin fan there and a few more pissed off people because her trailer nearly ran over them.

A message to the stupid right wingers – it is not what happened in 1773 that is funny. It is the fact that this woman represents your political aspirations.

So yeah have a Puritan Party like 1773. I bet it will be great fun.

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