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While clapping the rescue of the miners – please remember these points.

It is very good news indeed to be able to watch therescue of the 33 trapped miners and I do not want to take away from the happiness of that. However we should not forget either that this accident is the result of a poorly regulated mining industry in Chile.

The miners stuck underground are likely to be denied to be their wages.


The workers families are suing because of the failure of the mining company to meet the very minimum safety standards that they were already required to meet by court order.


While the trapped miners have been underground, the other shift miners have not been paid and they have protested about being left with no pay.


There should be no doubt, this company has ignored court order after court order. This mine has already had many deaths. If the tv cameras of the World were not looking – there would not be a rescue.

Be happy for the rescued miners but remember that in the race to the bottom your survival could depend on it being of media interest.

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