“Fiscal Conservatives” – Fail.

The GOP shrine to nowhere

The GOP shrine to nowhere

The nuts at Canada Free Press and the Hizzbullers are getting their white sheets in a twist about this waste of government money. Who could blame them?

The federal government has built a one billion dollar office complex in Virginia to house some 6,400 Pentagon workers that are to be moved soon. It’s a beautiful new office complex that rises like a mountain next to Northern Virginia’s I-395. But there are a few little problems.

There is no parking for one thing and for another, even if there was a parking lot for 6,400 workers, there are no roads to GET them there!

That’s right, there is no access that won’t cause tremendous traffic jams for the area. Worse, there aren’t any bus or Metro train stops anywhere near the building so workers cannot even take advantage of the Washington area’s extensive public transportation network to get to their new offices.


These birther/Conservative blogs(pixel rags) were mocking the government for spending $1billion on a building that no one can get to.

The building was built by the, to them, great sacred cow of Republican economics – the Department of Defense.

It is indeed a perfect example of the money wasted by the most incompetent President ever – George W Bush. .

All done one private contract:

Location: Alexandria, Va.
Owner: The Dept. of the Army, on behalf of the Dept. of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services
Developer: Duke Realty Corp., Indianapolis
General Contractor-Towers: Clark Design-Build, Bethesda, Md.
General Contractor-Sitework and Garages: Shirley Contracting Co., Lorton, Va.
Construction Management: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Architect: HKS Architects, Washington, D.C.; Wisnewski Blair & Associates, Alexandria, Va.; Studios Architecture, Washington, D.C.
Start Date: January 2009
Completion Date: September 2011

source: http://midatlantic.construction.com/midatlantic_construction_projects/2010/0601_MarkCenter.asp

A great example of Republican waste. And these people want to control the budget again?

Republicans - money down the drain

Republicans - money down the drain

Republicans never fail to waste money when it comes to their contractor buddies in the military. Spending on people – no, no, no.

  1. Susan Traversy
    October 18, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    What do you expect from these morons? This whole thing is obviously Obama’s fault.
    This is the group of people that believed that KD was being “threatened”, and without any proof whatsoever started posting people’s personal info on the web, including a picture of someone’s home.

    • October 19, 2010 at 8:14 am

      Well Dujan is an idiot who believes that Air Force Once can survive a direct nuclear blast and also thinks that it has super special engines that can just happily ignore volcanic ash. Yet still these people believe him.

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