Glenn Beck meets Donald Duck Part 2

No unlike the mash up – this time it is real. No he didn’t meet Donald Duck but he did mock some one who is likely to have been one of his followers. Beck the idiotic millionaire purveyor of hate dressed up in religion declares that the family who had their home burn down, while fire-fighters watched deserved it.

To quote HuffPo

As unforgivable and shocking as it might be, it’s all part of an ongoing thread among far-right radio hosts, cable news talkers and wingnut bloggers. They can’t seem to distinguish between actual targets and noncombatants, and generally believe that anyone and everyone is fair game. The creepy stalking and swift-boating of 12-year-old coma victim Graeme Frost, for example. Or a private school in Northern Virginia that was targeted by Beck on his TV show as a facility for “terrorist indoctrination.” Or when broader wingnuttia went after those kids who sang a song about President Obama. Or all the times when Bill O’Reilly has stalked and accosted school officials. Or the time when Fox News Channel targeted and exposed a 12-year-old girl who dared to ask the President a question at a town hall.

A subscription based fire service. A libertarian dream until it turns in to a nightmare that leaves your pets dead and your lifelong investment up in smoke.

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