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Deny this Breitbart. O’Keefe is STILL listed as an “Author” on Big Government.

Andrew Breitbart may be denying his protegé James O’Keefe but as of today, 2 October 2010, he is still listed as an author on “Big Government”.

James O'Keefe on Breitbart's Big Government

Who would really blame Breitbart for trying now to disassociate from O’Keefe, whose previous deeds he forgave and indeed encouraged, but now planned something far too extreme even for some Republicans.

How bad did the new O’Keefe plan get?

His plan, called titled “CNN Caper”, detailed a way to isolate reporter Abbie Boudreau on a boat out at sea, surrounded by porn and sex toys, and then engage in an attempted “seduction”. All this to “punk a reporter”.

A tripod and a camera was meant to appear over the bed as “an obvious sex tape machine.”

In the outline there is a fantasy script where Boudreau breaks down, in tears and pleads to get off the boat.

So is it any wonder Republicans are denying O’Keefe now, including Andrew Breitbart?

Never mind that his last project before the sex fantasy is still up on there as well. On that “project” he claims to have “uncovered” census fraud (he could have just spoken to fellow Republicans who were advising people not to complete the census). His blog entry on this fraud is really just  a self-justification for his mini Watergate fantasy gone wrong. Breitbart never felt the need to disassociate himself from that act.

He wrote in an unapolagetic and almost paranoid manner about his trial

America, real journalism has been dead for a long time now. With $1500 Hannah Giles and I were able to break a story that the New York Times couldn’t have broken no matter how many times they mortgaged their building. The government took our camera, so I bought another. The government put us in jail and deleted our tapes, but we got out and we’ll just make more. My travel was restricted to the state of New Jersey, so that’s where I got back to work. The media establishment is busy doing character assassinations on my friends and me but time and truth is on our side. Congress answered to our ACORN videos, now it will be up to the Department of Justice to explain why it edited out of a press release their admission we had no intent to tamper with Senator Landrieu’s phones. More importantly, it will be up to the Census Bureau to explain why their supervisors are systematically falsifying time sheets

A blog entry was posted by O’Keefe on September 24th. A few days before the story of the planned sexual assault / “seduction” broke..

O’Keefe is someone every crooked far right blogger who misuses “God and Country” wanted to emulate.

The Right applauded every project O’Keefe led and declared him a “citizen journalist”. They applauded his criminality as a form of bravado. They excused his edited video tapes that destroyed ACORN, a group dedicated to helping the poorest in America.

They applauded the attempted hacking of the telephones of a US Senator. It was after all nothing but a “prank”.

They applauded O’Keefe faking a US Census job.

They would have applauded what would have amounted to the sexual assault or even rape of what they consider a “liberal reporter” for some cheap party political purpose that I find hard to comprehend.

Republicans and Breitbart especially own this, as it simply the latest of the O’Keefe “citizen journalist” scandals.


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