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David Milliband wins but Ed gets elected.

Bland of Brothers.

Bland of Brothers. Ed and David Milliband

The Labour Party confirmed itself as a Party of Brothers in more ways than one today.David Milliband won every sector of the Labour electoral college, except one. The people who Ed will have to be grateful for as they have gifted him the Leadership position over the will of the Party.  The Conservatives will love his. The Unite Union delivered for Ed by giving him 53% of their vote.

  • Among party members… David Miliband won 54% to 46%;
  • Among MPs/MEPs… David Miliband won 53% to 47%;
  • Among trade unions… Ed Miliband won 60% to 40%.

When the votes were all calculated and the candidates knocked out, Ed won through with the second preference votes of the other Ed, Ed Balls, giving him with a very narrow 50.6% to 49.4% victory. David Milliband had a large lead in all but the final round.

With David getting a massive lead in the Party as a whole, it will be hard to stop the Party feeling that outsiders stole it from the man who won. You can hear the knives sharpening, despite all the talk of unity.

You can also hear the Liberal Democrats salivating, Ed Milliband owes his Leadership position to the Alternative Vote system. Something he will be reminded of in the run up to the referendum.

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