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I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republicans Islamophobia is designed to kill Soldiers.

The Republican Summer of Hate had some simple aims. First it was to insert in the mind of more Republicans an idea that was only once held by the ultra far right and the birthers. That President Obama is a Muslim. It was a simple aim to play to the racism of their base. Nothing better to get those white sheets all in a twist than pushing the meme that the President is a scary Muslim.

The other aim was far, far more despicable but it was even more obvious than the first. Even George Bush was quite clear to make sure that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not a crusade. The United States was not at war with Islam. Such an idea would be disastrous to the troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Republicans during the Summer of Hate made clear that as far as they were concerned the US was at war with Islam. Palin and the Newt drove that message. Fox news replayed it all the time for all to see. In every corner of the World the message was clear.

The Koran burning bigot was not an isolated nut. He was no different to the campaign of hate led by bigots Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Modern day KKKers that the Republican Party had no shame in sharing a platform with. In fact Palin recognised the mad Priest as one of her own. This is why her instruction to him was to “Stand down”, like a good soldier of hate.

For political gain, the Republican Party have been prepared to sacrifice the lives of American Soldiers and the allies fighting in Afghanistan. A clear message was sent. The troops are not just there to fight the Talban and defend a fledgling, if corrupt democracy. The troops are there to fight Islam.

The consequence. To force the US and the allies to leave a broken Afganistan and a defeated US or force America in to a much deeper War reminiscent of the Crusades. Either way, they want Soldiers to pay the price so that they have the political advantage.

These people have no shame and they dare to call themselves “Patriots”.

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