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The Buzzards of Hillbuzz. Who’s Dressed Better?

Who’s dressed better?

chrissythehyphenated v tinfoilhatter

Chrissy The Hyphenated Tea Bagger or The Typical Hillbuzzer?

Chrissythehyphenated, the tea-bagging Welfare Queen, “Get your government out of my welfare” type or the typical Hizzbuller reader who still thinks that those donations are going to fight the left, build a new website, send the “boiz” to wherever?

Kevin Dujan, King Gorg

Kevin Dujan or the dumb son Gord

Kevin Dujan, the new(ish) writer at “Conservatives for Palin“, lover of the Neo Nazi ,homophobic Swedish Democrats and very much no not a racistno no no, or a Gorg who like Kevin, used to bitterly complain that his subjects got scared of him and that they never really met a real citizen in ages.

Junior is clearly lacking in friends, so it is arguable that he pursues the Fraggles Conservative right just so he has someone to talk to.

  1. October 28, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    Lots of fireworks here. I’d like to see how you do on a simple persuasive essay – you know, the kind they taught in high school – where you don’t get to rely on name-calling and unsupported accusations. It would be a good exercise for you to try once in awhile, just to keep your logic skills sharp.

    Or, you could go over to sites from the Balkans and pick up a few pointers, if you are determined to stay your present course.

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