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Before a match Get Smashed

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney relaxing after a match

The Wayne Rooney lawyers have been sniffing around in an attempt to cover up a story that while his wife was pregnant he was paying a prostitute £1200 a night for a bit of extra marital excitement.

What makes this wrong is not the dirty deed itself. That to me is of no real interest. Yet again it is the hypocrisy of the rich and famous. Rooney not only makes money from his football skills, he makes fortunes from his image as a “family man”.

He is a role model to millions. People pay fortunes to see him play football. He has sponsorship contracts built around his image as a family man. At Old Trafford he proudly parades his son Kai on that hallowed pitch. He has a wonderful wife. If he wasn’t a footballer, as an ugly little spud, he would never have met someone as nice looking as Coleen Rooney. He is an ugly spud who should has displayed a great disrespect for his wife and family.

Despite all he has going for him, he acts like a drunken teenager in the Amsterdam red light district.

That football talent has given him a life worth celebrating. He has an immense talent that he sadly failed to show any of while in South Africa. The Mail is speculating whether this because while football fans were paying to see him use his talents on the pitch, he was paying to use his other talent in the England hotel.

Of course, men going off to see prostitutes is not uncommon. He however is paid to be a role model. People look up to him. He also has a family to care for and a wife who he has betrayed.

Rooney is of the celebrity generation that allows people like him to think that they are above the law and above the rules of common decency that ordinary mortals have to live by.

The mortals that pay big bucks to see him play for his club and for England.

Instead of being a role model and a great footballer he acts like a desperate man who has to pay for sex. He needs to snap out of it, unless he wants to become another ex-footballer more famous for the hi and lo jinks than the high goal scores.

  1. arniesaccnuson
    September 6, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    “If he wasn’t a footballer, as an ugly little spud, he would never have met someone as nice looking as Coleen Rooney.”

    I thought she was his childhood sweetheart, before he was rich and famous

    Just saying

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