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Top 10 Liberal Punk Rock Songs*

*According to me

I love music – almost any kind of music, but I have a penchant for punk rock. Just for fun, I put together a list of progressive or liberal punk rock songs.

I have some favorites from the likes of Johnny Cash, Ignite or Bob Dylan that unfortunately didn’t make this narrower ‘Punk’ list. I’d like to make a more loose and inclusive list for a later post. So, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment. Just include as much information about the song as you can so I can find it.

The links are all to YouTube Videos.  I was going to include the videos in the post itself, but thought it wouldn’t be worth the slow page speed.

WARNING – If you’re unfamiliar with the punk genre… um, there’s gonna be some foul language on those videos.

10. Weathered Statues – by TSOL    Ever seen a homeless vet on the street begging for money?
9. We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now – Dead Kennedys   A remake of California Uber Alles with a new focus on Reagan.
8One Tin Soldier – preformed by Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, original by Canadian band Original Caste
7. Worker’s Song – Dropkick Murpheys      Happy Labor Day!
6. Guns of Brixton – The Clash
5. American Idiot – Greenday   Greenday is more ‘bubble gum’  punk, but it’s really, really good bubble gum punk.
4. Liberty and Freedom – Rancid

3. Just a Punk Rock Song – Bad Religion
2.   Die For the Government – Anti-Flag
1. Franco-unAmerican – NOFX

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