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On Confidence and Competence

    I was listening to another right-wing media lap dog the other day talking about a major difference between the right and the left is that the right just knows it’s correct.  There isn’t the waffling and compromise from the GOP because they are just right and they know it.  I can’t remember to which moron I was listening; it doesn’t matter, I’ve heard several variations of the same theme from many of them before.

   But the idea presented gave me pause.  I’ve been accused of being overly analytical in the past.  And it hit me that what I was doing was exactly what the moron said the left does.  I was giving credence, at least enough to consider it, to what he said.  I can’t find it in myself to consider this a bad thing, but it is a point by which the right can and does attack the left.

They just know what they believe is right, and they think conservatives best represent that point of view. ~ From Steven J. Allen’s Definition Of A Conservative/Conservative HQ.com

   It isn’t a weakness exactly.  Far from it; it is, in fact, a virtue.  But it is a fact that the left does seek a middle ground, or at least often tries to see issues from the other point of view.  And it is this trait of the left that many on the right use to their advantage.  After all, say the righties, there is not compromise, no middle ground when it comes to values!

Click for a funny article about Sarah Palin and Dunning-Kruger

   And the simpler the mind, the more strong and simple they want the messages they receive to be.  Bush was the perfect president for some people.  For Bush, everything was black and white and force could solve any problem.  The finer nuances of diplomacy and political compromise are beyond the ken of such people. 

   It reminded me of a much touted series of studies, which ironically gave very few people any personal insight whatsoever.  The Dunning-Kruger Effect affirms that the least competent people are often the most confident.  Maybe the studies should be required reading for our politicians, particularly the ones who “just know” they’re right.

   And by the way, let me be the first to say, that this post I’ve just written is far from perfect.

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