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I don’t care what you say – the musical.

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Poor old John Mccain, attacked for being a RINO by the Uber -Conservatives now taking over the Republican Party and  Democrats who think he has become a total bigot in search of those uber-con votes.  Well if he wants to give up politics he can always get a career as a rapper.


David Milliband wins but Ed gets elected.

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Bland of Brothers.

Bland of Brothers. Ed and David Milliband

The Labour Party confirmed itself as a Party of Brothers in more ways than one today.David Milliband won every sector of the Labour electoral college, except one. The people who Ed will have to be grateful for as they have gifted him the Leadership position over the will of the Party.  The Conservatives will love his. The Unite Union delivered for Ed by giving him 53% of their vote.

  • Among party members… David Miliband won 54% to 46%;
  • Among MPs/MEPs… David Miliband won 53% to 47%;
  • Among trade unions… Ed Miliband won 60% to 40%.

When the votes were all calculated and the candidates knocked out, Ed won through with the second preference votes of the other Ed, Ed Balls, giving him with a very narrow 50.6% to 49.4% victory. David Milliband had a large lead in all but the final round.

With David getting a massive lead in the Party as a whole, it will be hard to stop the Party feeling that outsiders stole it from the man who won. You can hear the knives sharpening, despite all the talk of unity.

You can also hear the Liberal Democrats salivating, Ed Milliband owes his Leadership position to the Alternative Vote system. Something he will be reminded of in the run up to the referendum.

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The Summer of Hate Continues. Except this time Republicans do not even bother to disguise the racism.

September 25, 2010 1 comment

The Right are getting excited by accusations of reverse racism as a result of the investigation in to allegations made by Christopher Coates, the former head of the Justice Department’s Civil Right’s Voting Division. He testified about charges that the New Black Panther Party intimidated Philadelphia voters in the 2008 Presidential election. The main accusation is that the Obama Justice Department dropped charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for political reasons.

In summary, there were big bad black men outside a polling station in 2008. That must have been something to do with the Obama campaign because he is black. The lack of prosecution must be because the men were black, not because there was no evidence.

As far as Republicans are concerned there’s Holder, there’s Obama and there is the New Black Panthers. Something links them all together. We are supposed to be convinced that it is both the one obvious factor, while at the same time despite their screams, we are not supposed to believe it has anything to do with that at all. Oh, no, no.

We are also not supposed to think the heavily Republican dominated United States Commission on Civil Rights has any political motivation for this at all.

It is such an obvious pile of crap and nothing but a dirty bigoted attempt to foster racial tension shortly before the election. A continuation of the Summer of Hate.

The problem is the facts get in the way of this story.

One – the Fox News video. It does not actually provide the evidence that the likes of Fox and Republicans want.

On the video the police tell the two members of the New Black Panthers that they can not stop the people from voting. The Polling Clerk (around 30 seconds in) makes clear that they are not stopping people from voting.

Despite this the police instruct them to leave. They leave. There would have been no story about this except for the fact that New Black Panthers are big scary black men and there was a big scary black man running for President.

The polling station is in a district that went 95% for Kerry in 2004. So what the New Black Panthers were there to harass Democratic voters in to voting for a Democratic candidate?

Of the 907 registered to vote at that polling station, 1221 Fairmount Street, Philadelphia, 34 people are white. Again who was to be “intimidated”?

Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party, (which is not the same as the Black Panthers (who have btw successfully sued the NBPP for use of its logo and name)) does not support Barack Obama. I can not find the article but there are a large number of sites quoting the NBPP activist referring to Barack Obama as “a puppet on a string. I don’t support no black man running for white politics. I will not vote for who will be the next slavemaster.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement.

The Bush administration opened this case in January 2009. They found no evidence but they case was kept open and was finally dropped in May 2009 as there was no evidence that any voter had actually been intimidated.

Abigail Thernstrom of the National Review (hardly a left wing rag) wrote “In the 45 years since the act was passed, there have been a total of three successful prosecutions. The incident involved only two Panthers at a single majority-black precinct in Philadelphia. So far — after months of hearings, testimony and investigation — no one has produced actual evidence that any voters were too scared to cast their ballots. Too much overheated rhetoric filled with insinuations and unsubstantiated charges has been devoted to this case.”

For all of the race baiting, for all of the investigations, no-one, not even Fox or Breitbart have been able to find one single intimidated voter. Not one.

For all the exciting “evidence” about the big scary black men that is being presented to Congress the reality is there is no victim. No voter was intimidated so there was no voter intimidation. Even despite this the Obama administration obtained an injunction against Shabbazz from patrolling polling stations. This continues past the 2012 election. There is no prospect of “this”, whatever this was, happening again.

This is nothing but pure racism. Republicans got so excited by the hatred they stirred against Muslims that they are not even bothering to disguise this. They really do not care. This is the the Summer of Hate repeated. It is red meat to get a bunch of bigots excited and whip them up into a continuation of hating people because of the their pigmentation. The attempt to pin this on the President and Eric Holder is simply because they are committing what is to Republicans the biggest crime of all, governing while black.

Stephen Colbert “Reports” at Congress.

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Seriously the reaction on the faces of Republican Senators as he uses their idiotic arguments against them is even funnier than when he was at the Bush Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner. Not sure why he was there as a witness and judging from his opening salvo, I do not think he knew either but he more than answered the call.

CO’D wants no one to have sex.

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Unlike the Witch videos this one is not so old but it does show that Christine O’Donnell never lost any of her youthful desires to be a perfectly good girl.

Rather than having sex “like dogs” she wants everyone in the US to simply stop having sex because as a woman in her 30’s she remains “chaste”.

I must be doing something right I got hatemail from a Rethug.

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johnathan tellman wrote:

So let’s see you are now accussing 70% of AMericans and many Muslims of being Islamophobic because they don’t think a dirtball piece of shit Imam whose goal is to implement Shariah law and his c*** of a wife -shouldn’t receive tax payer money to travel the middle east to meet with terrorists to raise money? Really?

“Summer of hate?”..Uh, so your incompetent President who slanders anyone and everyone, your party which calls everyone a racist, homophobe, stupid, mocks their religion -are full of love but people who express a majority opinion based on logic are the haters?

Hey dickhead-get ready for next week…then post how stupid America is for not agreeing with the positions that you hold near and dear that 22% of Americans agree with…

Not sure what happens next week but I guess it is hardly worth discussing the difference between Sufi and Wahibi Muslims with this bigot nor would it do much to point out his disgraceful sexism. (I starred the disgusting word and his email provider).

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republicans Islamophobia is designed to kill Soldiers.

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The Republican Summer of Hate had some simple aims. First it was to insert in the mind of more Republicans an idea that was only once held by the ultra far right and the birthers. That President Obama is a Muslim. It was a simple aim to play to the racism of their base. Nothing better to get those white sheets all in a twist than pushing the meme that the President is a scary Muslim.

The other aim was far, far more despicable but it was even more obvious than the first. Even George Bush was quite clear to make sure that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not a crusade. The United States was not at war with Islam. Such an idea would be disastrous to the troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Republicans during the Summer of Hate made clear that as far as they were concerned the US was at war with Islam. Palin and the Newt drove that message. Fox news replayed it all the time for all to see. In every corner of the World the message was clear.

The Koran burning bigot was not an isolated nut. He was no different to the campaign of hate led by bigots Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Modern day KKKers that the Republican Party had no shame in sharing a platform with. In fact Palin recognised the mad Priest as one of her own. This is why her instruction to him was to “Stand down”, like a good soldier of hate.

For political gain, the Republican Party have been prepared to sacrifice the lives of American Soldiers and the allies fighting in Afghanistan. A clear message was sent. The troops are not just there to fight the Talban and defend a fledgling, if corrupt democracy. The troops are there to fight Islam.

The consequence. To force the US and the allies to leave a broken Afganistan and a defeated US or force America in to a much deeper War reminiscent of the Crusades. Either way, they want Soldiers to pay the price so that they have the political advantage.

These people have no shame and they dare to call themselves “Patriots”.