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It’s curries and samosas all round as Bradford, UK rejects the Pamela Geller brand of hate

While Fox News continues to promote the hard right group, Stop Islamification of America, promoting its President, lunatic extremist blogger, Pamela Geller as a Human Rights Activist, the City of Bradford in the UK turned their back on these racist thugs and refused to rise to their bait.

This is the message from the Hope Not Hate campaign

There was widespread relief across Bradford last night after the EDL protest passed off without major incident. Despite huge provocation from the racist hooligans the Muslim community in particular refused to rise to the bait.

But as I mention in my summary of the day last night, there was a far bigger victory in that Bradford is now able to move out of the shadow cast by the 2001 riots. The opposition to the EDL was almost universal across the city and has fostered a new and positive community spirit.

This was shown brilliantly last night. A huge police presence remained in the city in case of trouble, with most officers based in vans at the police HQ in the city centre. Late in the evening several Asian families arrived at the police station to thank the assembled officers for their hard work during the day. They then presented them with large trays of food, curries and samosas, which was gladly accepted by the police.

Bradford has rejected the racism and hatred of the EDL and is moving forward together as one people.


Three cheers to the people of Bradford for rejecting the message of hate offered by the EDL/SIOE.

A message to my American cousins, you too can stand up against the fascists and WIN.

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