Cough, Banker, Cough

Stewart Jackson - stupid banker

Stewart Jackson is the Idiot MP for Peterborough. According to the Telegraph, he claimed more than £66,000 for his family home, including hundreds of pounds on refurbishing his swimming pool.

He owns a large house in Peterborough as well as his old home in Ealing. The taxpayers are paying for his home in Peterborough.

Despite claiming his Peterborough home as his second home so he could get the taxpayer to pay for it, his website (which was also taxpayer-funded) claims

they live in Central Peterborough with their daughter Isabel. He helped small companies with their Human Resource/Personnel issues and is a specialist advisor in the “Investors in People” quality standard.

His method of thanking the constituents that paid for this largess, to call them a bunch of whingers and moaners.

Those whingers and moaners re-elected him, they are a forgiving bunch in Peterborough. So now he is sitting pretty on taxpayer largesse, he is forging a career on the back-benches as an idiot rent-a-quote MP.

On learning that STD’s were on the increase Jackson twitted on twitter:-

“Very disappointing news on STD [sexually trasmitted disease] rates in Peterborough. No doubt our liberal friends will tell us we need more sex education – as it’s worked so well!”

Well abstinence only education worked so well for its key proponent in America.

To stir the hornet’s nest some more (as well as gain some more publicity) Jackson added “Touched a raw nerve with shrill intolerant pro-sex education lefties who don’t like debating the issues. Wonder why not?”

That’s bad enough, but he then adds:-

“sad, tedious sex-obsessed leftie weirdos” who were “unable to debate issues without personal abuse and vicious shrill denunciation”.

What seems odd about this is that the BBC is reporting that Jackson is creating this fuss while he is on holiday; so poor old Stewart must be extremely bored given that he wants to stoke up a war of words from his holiday hotel room.

Some facts for Mr Jackson to ponder while he is on the beach. England has a very poor sex education record and as a consequence one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and youth STDs in the developed World.

Before he debates anyone on the subject, I’d suggest he starts to read up in the basics first. Starting with a comparison of how other Countries deal with sex education.

  1. August 30, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Hey Stewart’s a dab-hand at using his position and Twitter to fire off aggressive and ill-informed messages at constituents. I feel foul to hie ire after I lobbied him to oppose the Digital Economy Bill earlier this year. His first tweet in reply to mine called me a liar outright….. ahhhh, democracy. 🙂

    • August 30, 2010 at 6:22 pm

      I didn’t know he was in favour of the DEB. That makes him even more of a twat.

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