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Shorter Kevin Dujan

Kevin Dujan of Hillbuzz - One day he will be a Prince

Woe is me – I couldn’t get laid because people think my racist blog is racist“.

Well as they say, another self pity story, another $.

He may not be able to get laid but one thing he does well is extract money from stupid right-wingers. Long may he keep up the keep up the good work. I wonder what his best friend Jeremy Rose thinks of him now?

  1. Susan Traversy
    September 5, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Love the fraggle pic, BTW, I am glad to see it show up when “Kevin Dujan” is googled. Yes, the “Woe is me” post is particularly obnoxious, on many levels. If you notice, he does mention me several times. I can’t believe he is still fooling these people, he is really laying it on thick lately.

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