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Meet our new front pager

Let him introduce himself in his own words

The author is Dave Jeffries, a 17-year U.S. Army veteran with 4 children and a wife all living together happily in Middle America. I’ve also been a teacher (English and Journalism) and a union organizer. My grandfather and great-grandfather were Pennsylvania coal miners. Both died of “black lung consumption”.

I believe in truth, fairness, equity and opportunity. I feel the left believes that what is good for the country is good for “me” and that the best intentioned voters in the right believe that what is good for “me” is good for the country. I believe that conservatives base their politics on fear, short-sighted self-interest, and misinformation.

There are liars in both parties. I know that no one, especially politicians, are perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. I believe, however, that the right has made lying an integral part of their agenda and that those lies are particularly harmful to our nation and our national identity.

I am honoured and proud to have him writing for this little blog.

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