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Just where is the sense of priority? International Security is a Democratic issue.

Just in case you have not noticed and it is quite reasonable not to have done so, there are two great policy achievements within sight that have simply been ignored.

The New Start Treat, signed by President Obama and Medvedev is proceeding through Congress.

The treaty, if passed would limit the number of strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, less than two-thirds of the missiles held when the original START treaty was passed. Yet we have no idea of where the Republicans stand on this. Are they going to be partisan and simply oppose it because the treaty was signed by President Obama?

Is the US really going to walk away from the prospect of a freer, more secure, nuclear free world because of the partisan politics of some Republicans? Is no one going to raise this issue as real news?

Still on the Foreign Policy front, breaking a stalemate that has stymied politicians from across the World for years, the Obama administration have now secured the opening of unconditional talks between Israel and Palestine.

This is indeed a baby steps, but crucial baby steps are being made. In sight is the prospect of bringing peace to that long term troubled region.

President Obama will meet with Leaders Netanyahu and Abbas on September 1 at the Whitehouse. He will also be holding bilateral talks with King Abdullah of Jordan and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. That evening, all four Leaders will have dinner with President Obama.

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will preside over a trilateral meeting on the very next day. This will commence the negotiations that will be held in many venues across the Word, including the Middle East.

Republican reaction to this – silence.

So how has this been reported?

Well for the past week the most important thing in international news about America has been a small building in New York, that happens to not be and never will be a mosque, which will if built will not be on Ground Zero.

Priorities please.

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