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Avastin – the new “death panel” scare story.

The Telegraph has really become the the online resource for American Tea Party people of late. Once the house paper for the British Conservative Party, they have decided that they need to move further to the right to attract a greater online audience. So now the paper once known as the Torygraph, stands firmly opposed to the Conservative / Lib Dem Coalition Government in the UK and is fully on board with the American Tea Party (non) Patriots.

So there is no surprse to see it running a scare story against ObamaCare.

The American Food and Drug Administration has rescinded its endorsement for the drug for those suffering from breast cancer.

It was rescinded for very good reasons. Diana Zuckerman,
President of the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund of the National Research Center for Women & Families describes why:-

Research shows that breast cancer patients taking Avastin don’t live as long and they have more serious side effects than patients taking placebo. That is why Avastin should not be used for breast cancer, even if it were free. Its cost is not the main point, and politicians need to understand that just because a drug is expensive doesn’t mean it improves health.

The manufacturer is correct that Avastin can delay the progression of breast cancer. So why aren’t Avastin patients living longer? Data indicate that it’s because women taking Avastin are more likely to die from side effects such as stroke and heart disease. If a breast cancer patient takes Avastin, it will not improve her chances of living longer, but her quality of life is more likely to be harmed because of the debilitating conditions linked to the drug.

Avastin may help some breast cancer patients, but it appears that nobody can predict which ones it will help and which ones it will hurt. The research indicates that it harms more breast cancer patients than it helps, which is why its approval for breast cancer should be rescinded

Of course, facts rarely get in the way of a good story and so The Baggergraph describes the decision to rescind FDA approval as the start of death panels. The Baggergraph article even has a Republican Rent-A-Quote Senator to add weight to their untrue story.

This of course means that stupid people will adopt the Baggergraph story as fact. Even though the truth is that Avastin causes more health problems for those taking it than it solves.

This of course is typical of modern day Republican dirty tricks. Take the most vulnerable and scare them. In fact terrify them. Made all the worse because cancer is something truly dreadful for those suffering from it and for those who know someone suffering from it.

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