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Group behind the “Mega Mosque” smear for the Park51 development is banned from marching in the Bradford.

This is a victory for the community over fascism.

The sister group of the Stop Islamification of America organisation, who were the first to stir America in to a rage against the Islamic Community Centre in New York have been banned from holding an Anti Islamic demonstration on Bradford, England.

The Group, SIOE, or otherwise known as the English Defence League have held a number of demonstrations against Islamic sites in the UK, each one of their demonstrations have become increasingly violent.

The group were planning to demonstrate in Bradford, an area known for its Muslim population. A previous demonstration by related racist groups in Bradford resulted in a riot.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has now imposed a blanket ban on marches in Bradford to be held on 28 August.

Unite Against Fascism had also planned a counter protest.

Although the marches have been banned, a static demonstration can still be held.
Local residents had submitted a 10,000 strong petition calling on the Home Office to ban the march.

Unite Against Fascism made the following statement:

UAF statement
The racist English Defence League will bring their message of hate to Bradford on Saturday 28 August, despite a ban on all marches by the Home Office.

The EDL will hold a “static demonstration”, that is not covered by this ban.

Most previous EDL rallies have been static demonstrations of this sort, with the EDL’s thugs being escorted en masse to their rally point by the police. In Luton, Stoke and Dudley these demonstrations have led to the EDL rioting and lashing out at the Asian population.

The EDL are racist thugs, with links to the British National Party and other fascist groups.

Unite Against Fascism is backing the “We Are Bradford” event in the city centre on 28 August, which aims to bring together Bradford’s communities in a peaceful show of anti-racist unity against EDL thuggery.

Backed by MPs, unions, faith groups
The event has also been supported by MPs – including Bradford East MP David Ward – trade unions, faith and community groups from Bradford and beyond (see list on the home page).

UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett said:

It is vital that anti-racists in Bradford and beyond stand shoulder to shoulder with the city’s Muslim population – the main targets of the EDL’s racism.

The We are Bradford event is an opportunity for a peaceful, united and multicultural event to act as a focus for everyone who wants to express their opposition to the racism and violence of the EDL

The Group, Hope Note Hate, whose campaign, The Bradford Together initiative, collected the 10,700 signatures from within the city will be holding a peace vigil on the eve of the static protest.

This is to safely provide local residents with the opportunity to show opposition to the EDL/SIOE and celebrate modern Bradford without fear of a confrontation. This event is being supported by the Bradford Council of Mosques, other faith and community groups and Yorkshire & Humber TUC.

The message from community leaders is clear. Stay away from the town centre on the Saturday and do not give the fascists any opportunity to start trouble.

The chairman of Bradford Council of Mosques has given his full support to the vigil and he urged the Muslim community to stay away from the city centre on the day (of the planned EDL / SIOE riot) and not rise to the EDL provocation. He felt the city was in a much better place to where it was in 2001 and that the weeks of work that Bradford Together had put in had been pivotal in this.


  1. thehypocritebasher
    August 21, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    I see that you think Republicans that oppose the ground zero mosque are religious bigots.

    It looks like Harry Reid, New York Congressmen Mike McMahon, Steve Israel, and Tim Bishop all oppose building the Ground Zero mosque. All of these people are Democrats.

    Why aren’t you kicking, screaming, and having a temper tantrum about the religious bigots of the Democratic party?

    • Mr Fluberty
      August 21, 2010 at 8:50 pm

      To be fair to the Bigotmasher the Dems doing this are Johnny Come Latelys to this party. I imagine if they keep it up they’ll probably face the Bigotmashers wrath as well.

    • Mr Fluberty
      August 21, 2010 at 10:20 pm

      Also: I think there is something we can both agree on thehyposhit: Go Republican Space Rangers!

  2. August 22, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    I see that you think Republicans that oppose the ground zero mosque are religious bigots.

    I see that you are a master of ‘generalization’ and spin. Statements like this belong on right-wing talk radio, but not on open, intelligent blogs like this one.

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